What Makes a Successful E-Commerce Website

In the e-commerce market, the best websites are able to produce 15% or better conversion rates while the masses only manage 1-4% rates. The elite e-commerce sites are able to achieve this level of conversion rate through a number of different ways. But their commonalities can ground the basics of a successful e-commerce website.

1. First Impressions

Functionality and accessibility contributed greatly to whether or not a potential customer, or lead, will become a successful patron. The most prominent reason for a failed lead was their unsuccessful attempt to find their item. Therefore in order to increase conversion rates, leads must be provided with efficient tools to locate various items. A wide, easily visible search bar with smart suggestions is a must on any successful site. Relevant recommendations and simple navigation functions are also core characteristics.

2. The Pitch

Now once the lead has found a product, the presentation is paramount. All e-commerce websites have at least one picture of their product, but the elite ones have begun to use videos. Videos extend the amount of time a lead spends on a page; as well as increase their attention on a product. Videos are also able to best showcase an item; either in its practical use or through dynamic visuals. Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research said it best with “one minute of video is worth 1.8 million words.” And at Sezion, we have made it possible and easy for anyone to be able to produce high quality videos automatically. We at Sezion have the solution for creating engaging visual content without the burden of time consuming, expensive editing and coding.

3. The Small Things

In the dense e-commerce market, extra rewards and deals are important to stand above the competitors. Free shipping deals are cornerstones for companies like Amazon and spending minimums ensure a balance between savings and profits. Loyalty programs with rewards based spending habits encourage repeat customers and build trusted relationships, too. Discounts and reward points are just some of the many ways a company can show their commitment to its customers over their competitors.

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