We’ll See You in Barcelona!

With over 50 speakers and a variety of conferences that range from API design to REST APIs, APIDays Mediterranea gives visitors the chance to learn more about relevant topics. There are conferences in Spanish as well as English, and the speakers come from all over the world.

In addition, Hundreds of people from the same field in one room means one thing: networking. Whether you have a B2B API or a B2C API, getting to meet and know others in the field will open your opportunities for business growth as well as teach you valuable lessons on what others are looking for and what works.

Last year’s APIdays was incredible, this year it’ll be sick!

Just in case anyone missed out— APIdays will be in Barcelona on the 29th & 30th of May. 

Guess who’s gonna be there? Take a guess, any guess. 
Did you say, Sezion? Smart cookies we have here, because you’re right.

We’re sponsoring the event as well as speaking. We’ve actually got a little treat for everyone that’s gonna be there. A mobile website that allows you to be a reporter and capture your moments. Pretty neat stuff. (#selfie)

Our wonderful Josias & Nacho will be attending the event, speaking about how online video is one of the most used, demanded and profitable content today, however it is the most difficult to create, edit and process, especially on a large scale. They will show two practical examples of how to edit them and generate them automatically from any source of information with a simple API.

If you have any questions about APIdays or Sezion, we’re totally here to answer! Tweet us (@sezion), write us, or stop us on the beach in Barcelona— we love answering questions!

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