Videos on Your About Us Page

The second most popular page on a website, only beat by the home page, is the About Us page according to ReelSEO.

This is because people want to know who is behind the product. A good About Us page builds customer trust by introducing them to the team. Although photos and text can get across facts, video adds a personal touch to the About Us page.

There are several types of videos you can have on your About Us page.

#1. An Introduction video

 Introducing your team over video shows more of who they are and the personalities that your company attracts to work there. Introducing your team builds trust by showing there are real people behind the company. Customers only buy from companies they trust and feel are legitimate.

#2.  A Recruitment Video

A recruitment video can help potential applicants decide if this is a company for them. This will save you time and money for you won´t have to interview as many applicants that are not right for the job. A recruitment video should show what type of worker you prefer and what type of work is common. Your recruitment video should feature testimonies from your staff about what they do on a daily basis or why they like working for you. You can take many approaches to making a Recruitment video, but the important thing is for it to represent your company. If you are a serious innovative company, go for a professional style video with shots of the office and workplace like Facebook´s recruitment did. If are a fun funny company, do something less serious like did.

#3. Customer Testimonies

Customer Testimonies are another way to build trust with your viewers. These testimonies will show the viewer what works about your company and what type of people you usually service. In these videos you should ask the customer what made them choose your company over others with similar services offered and what they liked about the service or product. Make sure these testimonies do not seem scripted for scripted testimonies can back fire on you and hurt you more than help you. Proactiv is an American skin care company that primarily relies on testamonies from real customers for their advertisements. Through their diversity of people they show that their product can work for anyone.