Use of video clips for educational purposes

Honestly, we have to admit that everything we learn we keep for a reason; and for us to keep something in our mind for a long period of time it first needs to catch our attention.

We’re not fools, since what we tend to like the most are those dynamic, fun and different simple things that are real and identifiable. For example: Sticky letters with rhythm, curious images that catch our eye, strong and intense colors, movement…

Which is why we know those things are what we retain the better, why not use it as a trick to convert what’s boring and heavy into something attractive and useful?

For example, wouldn’t it be much more effective if education was given in a less conventional format? For example: using the video format which is something natural, simple and practical that we all know and most people like. In a video we can insert audio, text, images, music, animations… whatever we want.

Video is a much more motivational content than the one we’re used to see now days. Besides, with the digital development there are so many tools and applications that allow everyone, with or without knowledge, to make videos with quality content.

For example, Sezion lets you record, collaborate with other people and share with whoever you want amazing videos, in an easy and entertained way. Oh, and before I forget, Sezion automatically edits your videos :p. We’re hoping to make life easier for you so that you’re able to create much better video clips in even less time.