The YouTube Generation: Why Online Video is More Crucial than ever

The post war economic and cultural state that Baby Boomer Generation grew up in defined what the Baby Boomers would become. The Vietnam War and the Civil Rights act of 1964 which outlawed segregation in schools defined what Generation X people would become. So what defines the future of Generation Y or Z?

The internet, the pervasive use of instant spread of knowledge and the simplify of finding information. Generation Y or Z are shaped by the rise of the internet. Some go so far to combine these two and call them Generation C or Generation Content. Of Generation C 59% say the internet is their main source of entertainment according to Gen C YouTube Audience Study, with more than one in three say YouTube is their most important or second most important source of entertainment online. With these statistics it is no wonder these generations are nicknamed the YouTube generation.

With increased email open rates by 5.6% and click-through-rates by 96.38% according to Simon Ogus of Business Wire, YouTube is one of your most powerful and effective marketing tools. Even the President of the United States, Barrack Obama, uses YouTube not only to publicize his campaign videos, but even now that he is in office.

In a recent video posted by the White House´s official page, Obama invites YouTube personalities to discuss the issue of health care and the solution he has presented. Obama realizes that YouTube is the way of the younger generations and if one wants to appeal to young people they have to be easily accessable and realatable as a company you can do the same.

Not only do young people watch YouTube, they also share videos with the click of a few buttons. This is crucial given 55% of Generation C is connected to 100 or more people through social sites and 15% are connected to 500+ people according to to Gen C YouTube Audience Study.

The use of a video not only gives your viewers a more interactive experience, it also increases your chance of appearing on the first page of Google as well as being shared on one of the many social media sites that people visit everyday. So use video, connect to the younger generation and watch how it helps your business grow.

Let me know how you’re using video In your digital outreach. If you’d like to discuss how your B2B company can implement online video editing and generation at scale to achieve your goals, please get in touch.