The Importance of Building an Online Experience

Every marketer has a unique input when it comes to strategies to improve customer acquisition and retention, that’s why we asked John Hallam Co-founder of Vidrack to talk a little bit about why he uses online video.

My partner and I are marketers which means we are very familiar with the importance of having video on a website, but for those of you who don´t share the same marketing background as us, I would like to explain why online video is the best choice for customer acquisition and retention.

First off, the average attention span of a visitor to your website is very similar to that of a gerbil! You must catch someone’s attention in under 10 seconds, and hopefully hold on to it. This is why copy, marketing jargon for well written marketing material, is created in a way that you can easily scan the document without committing to reading all of it.

However, given the chance, most visitors would prefer to watch a video rather then read your copy. I am not saying go remove your copy right not, but instead think about the fact that most viewers remember 68% of the information presented in a video compared to the 10% of information they read according to Switchvideo.

Video also increases the average time a user spends on your site. The longer a user engages with your brand, the more likely they are to buy from you. Jay Conrad Levinson, the marketing guru behind Marlborough cigarettes, says that it can take up to 20 interactions with your brand before a sale is made! Basically, he was trying to say that people need to become familiar with, and trust, your brand!

Video is an amazing way to humanize your company, and thus build trust! People trust people, and video is the best way to interact with people on your website.

John Hallam,Co-founder Vidrack:

Founded in May 2013, in Ottawa, Canada, Vidrack is a software that allows your customers to easily record and submit their own videos. When a website visitor clicks the record button it activates their webcam or mobile camera and visitors can record and submit video right on your website. Videos are collected privately and can be downloaded from the admin panel.