Questions to Ask Before Making a Video

1.First comes first: Why are you making this video?

Don’t do it because everyone else is doing it, or your top competitor has one on their site. 

Ask yourself, what do you wish to achieve from your video? Are you trying to educate users with a tutorial? Are you selling your product or service? Are you trying to introduce a new topic or maybe gain awareness?

As long as the main goal is in sight, you won’t drift away from its purpose.

2. The viewers

Knowing your audience is key to knowing how to approach and achieve your goal.

So who exactly are you trying to reach? Who is most likely to become a hot lead after watching your video? Once you know your perfect customer, your video can be suited for them in terms of language and even humor.

Pro tip:  Know who is going to watch your video as well as where they will watch it. Is it going to be in a pre-roll add (think, “you can skip this video in 5 seconds”) or a banner ad? Both cases you have to really grab the viewers’ attention—but in different way. Storytelling techniques are crucial here.

3. The shorter / the better

60 seconds is plenty! Today your video will be viewed in an ADD-type of world. The first seconds are very important. On average, 30-60 seconds is a perfect length for a video, but that all depends on what you’re trying to show. If you are trying to aim to maintain viewer interest enough to keep them looking at your site, asking questions, and browsing—then 30-60seconds is your best bet. 

But what if you want to tell a meaningful story? One that will raise awareness or really dig deep, then you might want to have your video at 2 minutes.

4. Make sure it’s legal

If your video is definitely going to be used for commercial use, make sure you don’t steal images, songs, or logos. When in doubt, seek professional help. No one wants a lawsuit in their hands!

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