Meet the team: Nacho, Project Engineer at Sezion

I would like to introduce you to Sezion’s family members. Nacho is one of them: he is our Project Engineer and we are happy to have him.

Nacho is a Computer Engineer from the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. Before Sezion he used to work as a Project Engineer in Azetti, a company that provides competitive carrier-grade platforms and services for mobile operators with more than 200 million mobile users that utilize their services. In this job he gained a lot of experience and got the chance to travel around the world. With time he became interested in the Start Up world and thanks to Wayra, Telefonica’s tech Start-up accelerator worldwide, he heard about Sezion and contacted us.

A year ago Nacho joined the Sezion family. He feels very lucky and happy to work here because he has the opportunity to develop new disruptive technologies and overcome challenges that a Start Up Company has.

While developing new technologies we realized that video is one of the most powerful ways of communication, because of this Nacho says: “Sezion’s backbone right now is the Video. Sezion is working in two video applications, grounded in a cloud based automatic video editing technology:

  • Sezion for iPad: an app that helps you make amazing video clips socially, with any video or anyone. Sezion does the automatic video editing for you, with awesome free effects, templates and filters.
  • Video Comment app for Android devices: the easiest way to record and add any video to another video on your Android phone and tablet.

For these apps we are using different technologies like: API rest, JavaScript and also developing new ones that enable collaborative video creation. The work is very ambitious because the cloud automatic video editing technology has many aspects that need to be considered, such as managing the size of the videos, the synchronization of the video and audio, allowing collaboration, using different formats or even managing sounds, graphic effects and templates.

Nacho mentions “It all started with the text, followed by the audio and now we are in the world of video and the main idea of Sezion is to enter this world making easier video editing”, allowing anyone to enrich any video.

Stay tuned to know about other members of the Sezion Family and our projects.