Meet Samuel: Software Engineer intern at Sezion

Samuel: software engineer at Sezion


Queens New York City, New York.


Universidad Complutense de Madrid, currently completing his 5th and final year. His focus is on Computer Engineering.

Q: What made you get into Computer Engineering?

When I was young I would play a lot on the computer. I spent a lot of time emailing friends and looking things up. Originally I wanted to be a dentist, but clearly things changed and this just seemed like a natural career path.

Q: What made you decide to come to Sezion?

I was looking for first job and found out about Sezion. I got an interview and the job tasks and description seemed to fit what I was studying and looking to do.

Q: What do you like about your job here at Sezion?

I work part-time, so I only work for about 4 hours a day. This means I don’t get tired with the work and I can stay more focused. The environment is also good. People are nice and helpful if you don’t understand something and ask a question.

Q: What’s a typical day at work for you?

Every day is slightly different in terms of when I come in, but today for example I got to work around 9:30. I sit down at my computer and begin working on the administration platform. It’s mostly coding, and I do ask a lot of questions so I feel like I’m learning a fair amount.

Q: In five years what would you like to be doing?

In five years, well I´d like to be working… (Laughs a bit). I´d like to be doing something computer engineering related most likely something with coding. I also would like to be developing my own projects. I have some ideas for mobile apps that hopefully will become realty.

Q: What’s your favorite dinosaur?


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