Guide: Lead Generation Forms and Personalized Videos

The Marketer’s Guide to Lead Generation Forms and Personalized Videos

My wife loves cooking and having friends and family over for breakfast, lunch, dinner… Or just whatever that implies having a great time together. Every time someone is coming she does her best to cook something our guests will enjoy… And, of course, she gets frustrated when she doesn’t know what to cook for them.

That’s the same kind of frustration we marketers feel. Sometimes we don’t know what kind of content we should create to get more qualified sales leads and start a lead nurturing process. On occasions, we are even well armed with our marketing automation platforms, CRMs or even a handy Google Sheet. The thing is, even with the right type of content, nowadays there is only one way to actually make our prospects become sales leads: lead generation forms.

That’s why it’s important to know where we should invest our precious time and how to create a lead generation strategy that takes all the elements described in this guide about lead generation forms and personalized videos into consideration. The truth is you are not the only one investing your time in that piece of content. You want your prospects to convert into sales leads and then, just like in an all-you-can-eat mode, you want to close as many deals as you can. Makes sense?

Why Lead Generation Forms Should Be a Crucial Part of Your Lead Generation Strategy?

Do you remember when was the last time you saw a web form? Probably a few minutes ago. Maybe it was at the end of a blog post or when you downloaded that ebook about content marketing best practices or just a week ago in the middle of that Slideshare presentation about content personalization. The thing is… web forms are everywhere, and it make sense.

Lead generation forms are one of the fundamentals of online marketing and the first steps for a sales process. Why? Easy. They help your prospects get in touch with you or get access to valuable information, something that is not meant for everyone, but exclusively for them. In return you ask them for a few contact information and maybe some information about them so you can offer even more value, and actually do a better lead segmentation.

So if your goal is to get as many sales leads as possible and if one of the inevitable lead generation tools you use to achieve this goal is a form, you really need to do your best to help your prospects find the form and fill it out as soon as possible or at the right moment for them, within the right content. That’s why getting to know what kind of content with an online lead generation form will attract them and have the best conversions is a must. It’s all about your lead generation tactics.

Every time you create a new content and use a lead generation form you need to have three facts in mind:

  1. Not every lead generation form converts the same. A good question: “What kind of form should I use?”
  2. The conversion rate of a form is deeply related to the type of content where that lead generation form has been integrated.lam
  3. The source of the prospect is also as important as the content itself.

This is why… At the very top of your sales funnel you’re attracting as much larger audience of prospective sales leads as you can. Here is where the lead generation process starts. When generating leads, sometimes you’ll invest in PPC traffic, sometimes it will just be organic traffic through a search engine or from your social media efforts. You’ll be working hard to attract all the relevant traffic you can because this is a funnel what we are talking about, which also means that not everyone will make it to the end. The only way they can actually get into your funnel is through any kind of form to generate leads.

Types of Context for Lead Generation Forms

In general there are three types of contexts where you’ll add a lead generation form:

  1. Lead generation forms in Landing Pages
  2. Lead generation form submissions for content marketing
  3. Lead generation forms for general information requests, registrations or sign-up forms

The three are lead capture forms, right? Usually they are meant to generate sales leads, but that doesn’t mean they’ll perform in the same way. It’s all about the context, where the user is coming from, what value you are offering them and why the prospect will see and fill out your lead generation form.

What is even more surprising is that not every type of lead generation form will bring the same conversion rates. Let’s break this down a little bit. According to Wishpond in their Landing Page Benchmark Report, the average lead generation form conversion rate for B2B landing pages is 13.28%. Well, it seems that form conversion rates will differ depending on where the prospect is coming from. Is it coming from PPC traffic? Is it coming from your content marketing pieces? And not only that, but also it will depend on your industry.

Average Landing Page Conversion Rates from PPC Traffic by Industry

Knowing the average conversion rates from PPC traffic for your specific industry will help you know what to expect, what to measure and what to improve.

This table shows the average landing page conversion rates from PPC Traffic for Ecommerce, Legal, B2B and Finance industries:

Ecommerce Legal B2B Finance All Industries
Median CVR 1.84% 2.07% 2.23% 5.01% 2.35%
Top 25% 3.71% 4.12% 4.31% 11.19% 5.31%
Top 10% 6.25% 6.46% 11.70% 24.48% 11.45%

Average Landing Page Conversion Rate from PPC Traffic vs. In-Content Web Forms

Now that we know the average landing page conversion rate from PPC Traffic and how lead generation forms perform there, how will it compare to the In-Content web forms, those included in your content marketing pieces? Well, you’ll be surprised. According to Docalytics, In-Content web forms have an average conversion rate of 20.1% which is extremely higher than the average data from PPC Traffic.

You’ll probably be wondering why. In my opinion, the prospect is already engaged with your content. If you are offering value with an ebook, a Slideshare presentation, a personalized video or with any type of content, then you are in a better place to ask something in return in order to offer even more value. Does it make sense?

The Four Type Of Content Marketing with the Highest In Content Form Conversions

Now that we know that In-Content web forms bring better results than those online lead generation forms used in landing pages, what type of content should we create? Time is a limited resource, we all know that. But it would be also great to know what kind of content we should create in order to get the highest conversions with lead capture forms. This will free up your time to create more compelling content, which also means you’ll be able to keep your sales reps focused on those qualified leads that are closer to making a purchase for your product or service.

Guides are the type of content that convert the best from in-content forms, followed by reports, white papers and ebooks. You´ve probably already noticed it… The four types of content are really demanding in terms of preparation, but they also help your audience answer specific questions while you become their expert for that specific topic.

This questions will help you better understand your lead’s informational or educational needs:

  • Who is my prospect?
  • What does my sales lead need to learn about my industry, his needs and our services/solutions?
  • How can I help this lead better understand our value proposition and have an increased desire to close a deal with my organization (anytime soon)?

On every step or question you’ll be offering your prospects and sales leads valuable content that will help them during their decision making process. The thing is this might take days, weeks or even months depending on your industry, but it pays back. The deeper your leads get into the funnel, the more you’ll learn about them.

There are specific pieces of content marketing that will help you create better content using lead generation forms and in-content forms to actually get your prospects into your funnel and get to know more about your leads. This is what in marketing we call ToFu, MoFu and BoFu (if you were thinking about a name for that baby, here you have it :-).

ToFu: Top of the Funnel

Blog articles, eBooks and webinar are the most common form of ToFu content, but that doesn’t mean they are the type of content with the best in-form conversions. Guides, reports and whitepapers are the type of content that bring the best conversions when in-content form are used. All this content allow you to prompt lead conversions by adding this content behind a gate: a lead generation form. Your priority with ToFu content is to educate your audience trying to answer one specific question. Of course you’ll talk a little bit about your company, but your goal here is not to sale something, but to educate them, to help them get deeper into your funnel, which bring us to the next content marketing step: MoFu.

MoFu: Middle of the Funnel

Case studies, how-to videos and advanced eBooks are the most common form of MoFu content. Let’s build some credibility. Your lead has already converted on your initial ToFu content, now is time to continue to educate and to start gaining a place as a leader and expert in the field into your lead’s top of mind. You are the one that can help them with their challenges.

BoFu: Bottom of the Funnel

Now that you have attracted your leads, they are more educated and start to understand why your solution is a good fit for them or why not. Your sales leads still need more engaging content but, even better, a closer relationship with your sales team. This is where the MoFu content takes place. We are getting closer to close a sale or to have a more educated lead that won’t convert.

Depending on your industry, the BoFu stage will be about a free consultation, a trial or even a discount code. From a content marketing perspective, data sheets, case studies and solutions overview are the top in-content forms with the best conversions.

How Personalized Videos Help Marketers with Their Lead Engagement Challenge

No matter at what stage your leads are, our job as marketers still is the same. We need to build a great segmentation strategy and help our leads understand why we add value to their business by engaging with them and helping the sales reps close more deals. By including personalized video within your marketing and sales automation strategy you maintain a high level of lead engagement on every step.

Personalized video has shown to increase CTR by almost 1000% and email engagement levels by 10x. Companies like AT&T get a 300% increase in their conversions. So what’s in it for you?

What is a personaized video? Personalized videos are unique videos tailored for and from specific audiences, content or occasions. These highly target video messages are automatically created on the cloud in real-time based on your lead’s data or on any type of content (text, images, audios and videos).

Engaging with every lead can be really hard and not doing it means losing business opportunities. By creating targeted messages and including personalized videos in those messages according to the lead source, you’ll be able to engage more with your leads and close more sales. Also, a lead that watched a personalized video and clicked on a call to action could mean that the potential buyer has a better lead scoring and is warmer and closer to become a buyer.

Creating Personalized Videos with Hubspot and Sezion

Creating Personalized Videos using Hubspot and Sezion

Sezion’s proprietary solutions helps you automatically create a personalized video for every prospect, lead and customer. You can easily integrate the videos in your marketing messages (i.e: marketing emails, SMS, landing pages, etc.) and say “Hello” to sales acceleration, engagement and awareness. How about a demo?

But remember, it’s important to understand at what stage your sales leads are. This will help you know what message will make sense for them and to automatically create a personalized video using the information from your own data source. Of course, there is no magic here; you need to attract high-quality leads. Common scenarios include using a landing page form powered by Hubspot or a Slideshare presentation with a lead generation form placed in the middle of a case study.

Test it Now: Use this Form to Download an eBook and Automatically Create a Personalized Video:

By filling out the following lead generation form you’ll be doing two things: downloading an ebook about customer segmentation, marketing automation and personalization, and also getting a personalized video by email :-)- Try it now!

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The Best Lead Generation Forms To Create Personalized Videos

There are countless lead generation form builders out there that you can use as content marketing gate keepers and automatically create a personalized video for your marketing leads. In most of the cases the goal is the same. You want to increase lead engagement, accelerate your sales cycle or drive customer awareness by creating targeted messages during your own marketing or sales automation workflow.

In previous articles I’ve covered a few form builders that can be used to create personalized videos with Sezion:

So, how can you connect these or any lead generation web forms to Sezion to automatically create a personalized video for your marketing leads? Let me answer this question with another question. Have you heard about Zapier? Zapier automates tasks between hundreds of business apps. This means that you can connect more than 30 web form builders to Sezion to automatically create a personalized video for every marketing lead to increase engagement, accelerate sales or drive customer awareness. It actually takes minutes to setup, no IT required, which is amazing for marketers like me.

The following how-to video shows how to use Zapier to connect Typeform to Sezion to create a personalized video for every sales lead that fills out a lead generation form or survey.

If you didn’t find your web form in the mentioned list, don’t worry. There are alternatives; you can use Email softwares like Gmail, Mailchimp or Office 365, among other email marketing softwares. You can also use marketing automation softwares like Drip, Hubspot or AutoPilot or even lead management and sales softwares like Salesforce. If you don’t find a straight forward way, don’t worry… Let us know and we’ll do our best to help you find one (we do it every day), or you can also use our developer tools.

So, what lead generation form should you use? In my opinion, it’s really about answering the following questions:

  • Who is my target audience? This will help you know if they’ll feel more comfortable using a simple Google Form or if they’ll prefer a more advanced form for WordPress like Gravity Forms.
  • Where are my future sales leads going to fill out the lead generation form? Lead generation tools like Typeform offer a smooth user experience across the screens, specially on mobile devices. This could be really relevant if you know were your audience spends most of their time.
  • What’s your goal once you have gathered the lead generation form answers and data? If we are talking about a long form or about a survey, tools like Wufoo or Google Forms are amazing. For example, Google Forms works connected to Google Sheets, which gives you a lot of analytical power.

The bottom line is that lead generation forms are crucial. The content where you include them too, which is why creating a personalized contenet marketing strategy creating a content. The more integrated they are, the better conconversions you can expect. Integrating personalized videos, as well as other kind of personalized marketing messages, within your marketing automation workflows will have a direct impact in your results. Make sure to know in what part of the process your sales leads are, so you can know what kind of content they need according to how deep they have got in your sales funnel.

Have you ever used personalized videos or any other type of personalized marketing triggered by a form response? I’d love to know about your experience. Also, if you would like me to personally help you with your strategy and demo you how personalized videos work, just reserve a time slot here and I’ll be happy to help you.