Learn why a live chat helps generate more leads

5 Reasons Why a Live Chat Generates Leads

Having a live chat on your website might be more important than what you think. One simple reason: your prospects, leads and customers have the power to spread the word about your business, they have questions that need answers, which also means that they can help you grow your customer base if you are responsive.

When we launched our personalized video solution’s first website I really wanted to have a live chat software; a simple widget that could help us answer any question to any website visitor, right away. Well, not everyone in our team shared the same impression. Actually, some of them thought that no one would use it. This time I was right :-p.

Historically, having a live chat has been popular among SaaS services and online shopping platforms. It seems that there are several industries that are missing the great potential of having a live chat software that allows us to connect in real-time with our potential customers and users.

Did you know that 68% of customers engage in live chat? Not only that, but 63% would prefer getting back to a website with live chat for repeat purchase, according to a survey of American Online Consumers.

In this post I’m going to get into 5 reasons why having a live chat will help your business increase its engagement and generate more leads:

1. Live chat improves conversion rates

We all love food. Imagine going to a restaurant where no waiter pays attention to you. Not even a glass of water. That’s usually my last time in that place, even if I’m starving.

Sometimes lead generation starts there, with a simple conversation, answering any possible question. Leads and users need someone who can immediately help them and walk them through a sale process, a link or even that can tell them that an engineer will get back to them with a solution to their problem.

According to a 2014 Website Magazine study, consumers who use a web live chat software are more likely to buy and less likely to abandon their sessions.

2. Live chat increases page rank

Being able to eliminate or reduce our bounce rates is extremely important. See it this way: When I go shopping with my wife it’s obvious that most clothing brands still don’t get that we men can also buy. The men section is usually as small as everyone’s closet, which means I end up going to other stores and spending less time where there isn’t enough to see. Something similar happens with websites.

The more website visitors abandon our websites in seconds, the worse page rank we’ll get. Why? Because search engines take into consideration the time spent by a user on a webpage. This means that being able to talk to your leads and users will help them spent more time on your website, helping you get a higher page rank.

3. Live chat is a shortcut to pain points

Any support team and sales rep. needs to find every prospect, lead and user’s pain points. Pain points help you understand if your solution will help or not, but it will also help you create a better product based on customer feedback. If your team plays its cards, pain points usually end up being a question, which can become a sales opportunity.

4. Live chat keeps you online (even when you are offline)

Unless you have enough people to cover the main time zones out there, you’ll probably be offline for a least a few hours. Yes, our business is scalable and online 24/7, but not our human-backed support team. How can a live chat be of help if it’s offline? Simple, most live chat softwares offer an option that helps your new leads and customers write you an email, right away from the live chat widget. But let’s take this to the next level.

Live chat and personlized video are all about engagement. Being able to show your new leads and users that you actually care about them and that you’ll do your best to get back to them with an answer ASAP can make a huge different in your business’ goals. We recently wrote and article about how to engage website visitors with personalized video using Pure Chat’s integration with Zapier and Sezion.

Take a look at this personalized video example:

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5. Live chat reduces costs

Live chat reduces overall support center costs by lowering average interactions. If you don’t have a support team per say, the good news is that anyone in your team can be a live chat representative, if handled wisely. We are all used to multi-tasking, which will help cut the waiting queue of your prospects, leads and users while being responsive to their needs.

Now it’s your turn! What live chat software have you used? What is your experience? Any tips?