How to Make a Marketing Video

Pick a Subject

The subject of your videos will greatly impact the amount of traffic you get. If you pick a topic that no one searches for or cares about, then you will not get the effect you were hoping for. Start by picking an objective. Do you want to educate viewers on a subject related to your product? Do you want to show testimonies of users? Do you want to just make an advertisement? Each of those objectives will cause you to take a different approach to your subject. Picking an objective will also help you narrow down what could be your subject.

Once you have decided your objective look through your old blog posts or stories to find what topics drew the most attention to your blog. Find what people like and go from there.

Know your Audience

The way you approach your subject depends directly on who you are trying to reach. What buyer personas are you trying to send a message to? Are they new or old customers? By answering these questions you can better evaluate which strategy to use in going about planning your video.

Defining your audience will also help you later down the road in deciding where to advertise your video.

Start Writing the Script

Writing and consolidating the script is always one of the hardest parts of making a film. If you start with an old blog post, you will have a basic outline. The key is to keep it short and concise. Don’t go over 1 pages double spaced if you are doing a 90 second video. You want time to clearly state every point and not overwhelm the viewer.

Focus on the beginning and ending of your video. Your intro should introduce the scene and the speaker, but at the same time grab the viewer’s attention. The ending is the last thing the viewer sees, so give them a good last impression. Make sure to have your brand name show for at least a few seconds and have your call to action be clear.


A fancy camera isn’t necessary these days to make a quality video. You can use anything from a webcam to an iPhone to get good results. The point is that you have to be confident and clear in the way you speak. Practice making the video seem like a conversation, take pauses when pauses are natural, and don’t be too scared by the camera.

What you say and how you say it are important, but you also cannot forget about sound quality. Make sure you are in an area with little to no wind or if there is wind have a lavalier microphone or a windscreen. Also focus on having good lighting that is bright enough, but not overwhelmed. Check out my blog post Stop Out-Sourcing Things You Can Do Yourself for more information.

Video Editing: the Look & feel

An important aspect you should consider is the look & feel of each of the videos you make and distribute. One thing is to edit one, two or even five videos, but quite another thing is to edit tens or hundreds of videos. it is best to keep the same look & feel on all videos or groups of videos, remember that it is a sales tool. Sezion’s cloud-based automatic video editing helps you edit each and every one of the videos you or your users upload to your platform improving them with those elements you want (batch video editing). Please, feel free to request a FREE Demo.


So you´ve made your video, congratulations! Now all that is left is to post it and advertise if you choose to. YouTube, Wistia, and other hosting sites make uploading videos a simple. Just make sure you have easy share buttons. 

Making a marketing video is not as daunting of a task as it seems and can easily be done following these simple steps. Just remember your first video won´t be your best video, but it will give you valuable information about what works for video and your audience.

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