How to improve your customer acquisition with online video

People are tired of the same old sales pitch. They´ve heard it before: buy my product it’s the best! It’s the reason people discard of junk mail and fast forward through commercials.

So what can you do to not come off too salesy?

Give your viewer something they want

They might not even know that they want it, but virtually no one is going to turn down a free gift. We´re not saying be like Oprah and give everyone in the audience a free vacation. No, it can be as simple as a compliment, education, or laughter.

Make them feel good about themselves

World famous psychologist Abraham Maslow put both Self Esteem and Love as more important on his hierarchy of needs than Problem Solving. This means that customers will buy based on emotion, so make your customer feel good about themself. Everyone enjoys a little ego boost or a compliment here and there, so why not indulge them.

Dove with their ¨Real Beauty Sketches¨ video had the most shared video of 2013 with over 4.24 million shares according to AdWeek, which certainly helped the video obtain its over 62.4 million views. This video like so many of Doves´ recent videos is aimed at changing how women see themselves. If the feel good music at the end and ¨You are more beautiful than you think¨ written across the screen doesn´t make you feel good about yourself than I don´t know what could!


Mahtab Narsimham once wrote ¨Education is the greatest gift you can give yourself or anyone else.” If giving the customer something is the goal, why not give them the greatest?

Demo videos are one way to educate your customer. In fact, according to Renee Warren, co-founder of Onboardly, a demo video on a landing page can increase customer conversions by 10-20%. This is because customers want to see not just hear that something is easy to use and effective.

Phonebloks could have gone about their ad by just explaining the benefits of their product. Instead they began by showing you all the parts that can break in a camera and a phone. Phonebloks niche is that their phone is going to be made up of a bunch of removable parts which makes it completely customizable as well as repairable (still working on the prototype). They continue educating the viewer by showing how easy shopping for new parts and putting in new parts is. Through educating the viewer about the cons of a normal phone, Phonebloks demonstrated the value of their product far more effectively.

Make them Laugh

There’s been rumors for years that laughing make you live longer, and although it hasn’t been proven it’s pretty much agreed upon that a day full of laughter is a good day.

Internet explorer´s video ¨Do you know this guy?¨ was a risky video to say the least. Most companies don´t like to point out all the common complaints people used to have against them, but Internet Explorer embraces it so much they even call themself ¨the company you loved to hate¨. This video effectively gives the viewer knowledge about some of the new features like being available on XBOX that Internet Explorer has, but they weren’t afraid to make fun of themselves, which makes it a far more effective strategy. They gave the viewer something to laugh at instead of just a sales pitch.

Now that we´ve shared some of our tips about online videos, please do share your own. What are your main tools or selling experiences with online video?