Zapier tutorial: generate videos from webform send videos by email

How to create personalized videos and send them by Email with Zapier (Tutorial)

As you know, Sezion is a solution that helps you generate personalized marketing video from any content feed, automatically. If you are generating videos from webform submissions, you would probably want to be able to add that lead’s email as a video metadata to send him/her that video by email. A lot of you want to be able to add more metadata to every personalized video when using Zapier to generate videos from your favorite apps, and this video shows you how:

This video will show how to:
  1. Create a personalized video from a webform (or any other app in Zapier).
  2. Add specific metadata to every new video.
  3. Use that metadata to trigger new actions, like for example send an email.
We updated our Zapier app in the Action side and created a new app for the Trigger side to help you add more metadata to every new video and to be able to use that metadata within new triggers.
You can start using both apps as a betatester now! Just accept these invitations:
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