Growth of Video Advertising

We are all quite aware that digital video advertisement is growing. As more and more businesses are starting to use videos in their marketing strategy, just how popular is this video advertising phenomenon getting? Where is video advertising going?

To answer: it’s getting very popular and it’s only getting bigger

For the month of December, total video ad views reached more than 35.2 billion, a 32% increase from the month before. That was easily the highest total of the year. Let’s put it in picture form, eh? (Thanks, comScore & Marketing Charts)


Why is online video so enticing to advertisers? Well, why wouldn’t it be? Video ads are like commercials on T.V. while at the same time it’s offering all the advantages of digital, since now most people have their eyes on computer or mobile screens. 

Unfortunately, online video ads are significantly more expensive than other ad formats like, banner ads. Mostly, because online users have ad-blockers installed, which means that the banner ads don’t get to be seen, compared with video ads (such as the ones on YouTube).

On the positive side, prices are going down with the growing digital content as more and more ways to make a video are surfacing. Advertisers must also choose a video format for their ad. Video ad formats come in many varieties, ranging from in-stream ads such as pre-rolls and mid-rolls to page takeovers, forced view, and interactive units. Video ad sites’ offerings are rarely uniform’ says eMarketer.

Video ads now are making up 36% of all videos online. That’s pretty significant (Marketing Charts).That means ads accounted for almost 4 in every 10 videos viewed. Advertising revenue from digital video reached $1.3 billion in the first half of this year, a 24-percent increase from the previous year, according to Adweek, which means it’s working. 

Even newspapers are seeing online video as a huge opportunity to create a deeper relationship with readers and to make sure younger people, who may not buy a newspaper, can still become loyal to newspaper brands.

But, video ads aren’t meant to be seen once and then forgotten, the ad becomes pointless in that situation, “It’s not about only having users spend more time here but also getting them to come back. If we can achieve that, the monetization of the online traffic and audience becomes easier” says the Telegraph Media Group’s chief information officer, Paul Cheesbrough. In this case, online video ads need to be engaging with the viewers. 

The video ad phenomenon doesn’t look like it’s slowing down, quite the opposite, it’s going hand-in-hand with the growing digital content. Sezion plays an important role in this major growth, as we provide automation and automatic generation of video, which means videos are made quickly without any prior video knowledge, along with customized plans that won’t hurt the bank. 

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