Get to Know Millennials

Get to Know Millennials

Millennials are pushing the next big shift in the advertising and marketing industry, so its best to build a profile of them. Generation Y or Millennials are the largest generation in human history and they are now either in their early 30s or near their 20s.  This giant conglomerate of consumers are demanding changes to preceding advertising and marketing models which does not match daily lives or their generation’s priorities.  Millennials are the faces of the new digital age while most still remember a time without a household computer, personal cell-phone, or  social media.  As a generation, they also differ sociologically from Generation X as they are more apt towards inclusiveness, personalization, innovativeness, and a global consciousness. So in order for brands to better engage with the generation of Millennials, a more appropriate modus operandi is necessary which even elite brands fail to remember. To illustrate my point, I will highlight some traits of Millennials’ favorite brands.

1. Represent a kind of movement

Brands like Apple, Nike, and Sony label their products and customers as belonging to a strong camp or group of like-minded individuals.  Consumers of these brands often champion them as the best in their respective industries and cultivate a loyalty to their favorite brands. Other brands like Toms advocate for social goods and commit to some action which they use to inspire sales as well as activity (for every Toms shoe that is purchased, they give one to an impoverished child). Brands use advertising to express their values and mission statements in an attempt to form a following of zealous customers

2. Innovation is key

Constant improvement is expected by Millennials.  Technology and service is perpetually evolving while maintaining an amazingly accelerated pace. Brands are looking for the next big thing at all times; so as to keep an advantage over their competitors and continue the ability to give their customers the most advanced products, resources, and customer service. As iPhones compete with Androids over the newest phone features, companies also battle with evolving technologies in advertising and marketing. For example, Nike and Adidas are vying for supremacy in the World Cup through several facets: commercials, social media, and apparel.

3. Connectivity breaks down traditional walls

With the explosion of social media, brands work to become part of the daily lives of their customers and leads.  Most companies belong to a plethora of social media outlets (Facebook, Pintrest, Twitter, Tumblr, etc) and are actively engaging their audiences throughout each day. In order to stay relevant, brands must produce interesting, attractive content for real-time events as well as extended projects.  Brands also use social media to connect with their followers through special events such as Q&A’s, AMA’s (ask me anything), trivia, contests, etc.  All these things are aimed at building a relationship that feels one-on-one for millions of followers.

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