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The Form Builder Every Marketer Should Be Paying Attention To

Finding the right form builder for your business is not easy. From marketers to financial planners, almost any company with an online presence needs a form, and that can be tricky. You see, not every website or business needs the same kind of form. For example, a B2B marketer may want to capture leads using a simple form that asks the common questions, while a university may need to create a form with conditional logic for a master degree survey.

What they all have in common is the need to easily gather information on their portals, landing pages or blogs. We have previously talked about how flexible Ninja Forms is with its more than 40 add-ons, but if you want to create a responsive and versatile form, you should consider Jotform as an alternative. Want to know why?

Similar to Ninja Forms, you can also automatically create a personalized video for every form lead in order to increase engagement with Jotform, but we’ll talk about that later. Where the guys at Jotform make it easy has to do with them considering themselves the Excel for online forms. Let’s see why.

The form builder alternative to create a form in minutes

Jotform’s form templates cover more than 7000 use cases. From a simple contact form to a product order with Paypal payment or even an online booking form, this form builder is charged. Form templates help you save time, but if you want to save even more time and using the extra break to acquire more leads instead of designing your forms, form themes are there to help.

More than 100 apps to create a form with Jotform

Being able to integrate and use all the data you have collected from your form is, actually, the most important things about a form. That’s why Jotform offers more than 100 apps or integrations. These are my favorite ones:

  1. FunnelOne: JotForm allows you to acquire leads by publishing an online inquiry form in your website. The inquiry form can come directly to your email as well. The FunnelOne app will extract inquiry related information and will update your JotForm database using the JotForm API. FunnelOne creates a unified sales funnel that managers and sales people can use as the first touchpoint for any lead nurturing strategy.
  2. Form Generator for WordPress: Form Generator helps you integrate JotForm to your WordPress website. No more jumping back and forth between websites to edit forms, view submissions, and copy code! Now you can manage your JotForm account from your WordPress dashboard.
  3. Zapier: You can use Zapier to automate the web services you and your team are already using on a daily basis. For example:
    • Create a Trello card from JotForm submission
    • Create a Google Calendar event from JotForm submission
    • Automatically create a personalized video from JotForm submission (I’ll tell you how below :-)
    • Create MailChimp subsriber from JotForm submission.
  4. Google Sheets: Google Spreadsheets allows you to create, update and modify spreadsheets and share the data live online. I may say Google Sheets is super powerful… and also one of my favorite apps ever (a lot of our users use it to create videos using Google Sheets as their data source for the personalized videos). Well, you can get JotForm to send form responses to a Google Sheets spreadsheet instantly.
  5. Mailchimp Integration: This app helps you create a signup form that matches your brand’s look & feel. You’ll be able to send your subscribers product updates, event invitations, announcements, or editorial content to support your lead nurturing goals.
  6. Stripe Integration: With this app you can easily accept payments online from a web form. Using JotForm & Stripe you’ll be able to sell digital goods and products or simply collect payments for your online service.
  7. Salesforce Integrations: If you are a B2B marketer, you probably already know SalesForce, the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software solution. Salesforce will help you manage the relationships you have with your customers. With JotForm’s SalesForce integration you can map fields on your JotForm form to the fields on your SalesForce CRM database.
  8. Migrate from Wufoo: If you are a Wufoo user and want to migrate from Wufoo to Jotform, this is your app. This migration tool allows users to migrate all of their Wufoo forms and submissions to their Jotform account. Easy.
  9. Back-up: This service connects to your Jotform account and back-ups all your forms an submissions to a database. If you loose your data on Jotform accidentally, you can easily copy your data back to Jotform.
  10. Dropbox Integration: This integration will help you create a Dropbox form and a folder named Jotform in your Dropbox account. When you get a new upload, it will be there instantly.

Create better forms using Jotform’s form widgets

Forms don’t only represent an easy way of collecting information on any website. A form helps you interact with your prospects, leads and users, not only with text, but also with images, videos and sounds. A Jotform form widget is a field you can easily add to your form. It could be a Youtube video or even a drawing board. Widgets let you create better forms in less time. There are almost 400 Jotform form widgets, but here I picked the 10 widgets that I find useful for any business, specially for those willing to improve their engagement rates.

  1. YouTube widget: The YouTube Widget allows you to easily and quickly place your video on your form.
  2. Vimeo widget: Similar to the YouTube Widget, simply grab the video URL on Vimeo and paste it in the widget settings of your form. Your prospects, leads and customers can now play and watch your video on your form.
  3. Image picker widget: If you have been wondering how you can add images that your users can select directly from your form, this is your widget!
  4. Google Analytics: Find out how to drive more leads, boost your sales or improve your mobile apps where your JotForm is embedded with this Google Analytics widget.
  5. Time tracker for forms: If Perhaps you want to find out if filling your form is a hard task for your users, or perhaps you are administering an evaluation using your form and would like to know the total time taken, or you just want to record the average time it takes for your users to complete the form; whichever the reason, this is the widget to use.
  6. Form tabs: With this widget you can add tabs to a multi-page form.
  7. Image Choices: This widget allows your form users to make their choices using a series of images.
  8. Drag and Drop Upload: This widget allows the form user to drag a file from a computer, and then drop it on the form.
  9. Google reCAPTHA: The latest and most advanced technology in Spam detection and prevention for online forms.
  10. E-signature: The E-Signature Widget allows your form users to draw their signatures using their mouse, touch screen device, or any other input device that will allow them to draw their signature on your form.

Create a personalized video for every Jotform form lead

Getting your new lead or user to fill out your web form is probably just a small part of your overall goal. You asked them to fill out the form because you wanted something from them or even because you were giving something away for free (an ebook, a webinar… you name it). But the truth is that even then, chances are that what you really wanted from them is their contact information. As marketers that’s usually what really matters from a first result perspective. We want to be able to contact them or to get them into our marketing automation flow.

Being responsive on a scalable way is as important as creating the form, and marketing automation is the golden egg here. Integrating personalized videos within your marketing automation strategy will help you increase your brand awareness, lead engagement and sales acceleration process. Why? Because video is the type of content with the best ROI, but also because video is what we really understand and remember in a fast and easy way (yes, even more than text and images), and personalized video is 54% more effective than an normal video. We recently published a free ebook about how customer segmentation, marketing automation and personalization are the perfect partners, feel free to download it.

Why personalized video

Why personalized video

Here is an example… Imagine Mike, a prospect-to-become lead interested in knowing more about Logo, a company that offers Online Marketing Consulting for B2B companies. He has been reading some of the blog posts at the Logo’s website and is interested in getting to know more about their services and expertise. So Mike fills out a web form where he selects the main services he is interested in. When that happens, Sezion, the personalized video solution, automatically creates a personalized video for Mike containing relevant information that has been gathered from the web form, and the video is sent to mike by email. Now, that’s being versatile! Here you have a personalized video example:

Test it now: create a personalized video for a new form lead

There is nothing better than an example, right? Below you’ll find a contact form built with Jotform. If you fill it out, Sezion will automatically create a personalized video with the information added by you. Then, in a few minutes, you’ll receive an email containing the video link. You will be also automatically subscribed to our blog :-).

How it works

Remember Zapier, one of the available integrations I mentioned for Jotform? Well, Sezion is also integrated with Zapier, which makes it extremely easy and fast to connect a Jotform form with Sezion to automatically create a personalized video for every form response or lead.
Jotform and Sezion integration

ve Connect Jotform and Sezion through Zapier

Follow these steps:

To get started you just need to create a Zap, which is connecting two apps. We are going to connect Jotform and Sezion. Jotform will be in the Trigger step. Every time there is a new form submission, Sezion will automatically create a new personalized video for a lead that responded. This means that Sezion will be in the Action step.

Jotform's integration with zapier

Jotform’s integration with Zapier

  1. Create a free Zapier account.
  2. Create a new Zap.
  3. You can search hundreds of apps, but for this example choose Jotform.
  4. Connect your Jotform account to Zapier
  5. Select the form you want to use in order to generate the personalized videos

Now your Jotform is connected to Zapier. Great! Let’s now connect Sezion to Jotform to create the videos. Follow these steps:

Connecting Jotform to Sezion to create personalized videos

  1. Create a free Sezion account.
  2. In the Action step (second step as shown in the image above) type “Sezion” and choose the Sezion available app.
  3. Choose the “Create Video” action.
  4. Connect your Sezion account. You’ll find your Account ID and Account Secret on your Sezion user Dashboard.
  5. Choose the desired Sezion Video Template (contact us if you need a custom template).
  6. Add the video metadata and Dynamic Media (the personalized fields in the template to be personalized) by typing them or selecting them from the “fields” option, which will display the available fields for your Jotform form.
  7. Test it :-) and see the results in your Sezion account.

As you can see, if you are planning to create a form and are looking for a versatile form builder, Jotform can help you create robust forms that not only are easy to create, but that also offer an answer to almost any scenario that your business goal may require, like including a personalized video during the lead nurturing process.

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