Engage with a website visitor with a personalized video using Pure Chat, Zapier and Sezion

Engage Website Visitors with Personalized Video Using Pure Chat and Sezion

There is only one thing better than having a happy website visitor. Yes, you are right… Customers are the most important part of any business. That’s why tools like Pure Chat are extremely important. Pure Chat is a live chat software for websites. In order to engage website visitors and acquire leads you need to be able to answer to any question on time. This can make a huge difference on your results.

Pure Chat’s recent integration with Zapier opens a whole new pack of possibilities. This is why… Imagine that, because we are human beings, your support chat is offline. Pure Chat gives you the option to allow the website visitor to write you an email from the chat widget. Well, let’s take this option to a brand new level. How about showing your new lead that you actually care about him or her? How about automatically creating a personalized video for that person? How on earth can we do this? Here you’ll find a personalized video example:

OK, OK, a lot of questions to be answered. Personalized Videos can help you increase your lead engagement by 54% thanks to highly targeted video messages that give your communications the personal touch that improves your conversions.

Let’s put it this way: with a called Zapier you can automate tasks between apps. Pure Chat connects your website’s visitors to you. Sezion helps you engage with them by automatically creating a personalized video for every leadLead generation is a huge challenge, that’s why you need to make your best to keep your service, solution, name… in their minds. A personalized video can help.

How it works: Create a Personalized Video for every Pure Chat website visitor, user or customer

The process is pretty much very straightforward. Every time a new user or website visitor writes you an email using the Pure Chat widget, a personalized video will be automatically created and sent by email.

Zap: Pure Chat and Sezion to create a personalized video for every user or website visitor

Zapier makes it easy for you. It will link apps like Pure Chat and Sezion so you don’t need to worry about any kind of integration. By connecting Pure Chat and Sezion you’ll engage website visitors while capturing leads with a highly-targeted email marketing strategy.

Onces Sezion has created the personalized video, the new video link will be instantly added to your email marketing messages. Zapier makes this really easy as well. Marketing Automation softwares like ActiveCampaign, Mailchimp or sales platforms like Salesforce can be connected to Sezion through Zapier too.

Sending a personalized video by email is really easy using Sezion's integration with Zapier

Zapier Video Tutorial: How to Engage a Website Visitor with a Personalized Video Using Pure Chat, Sezion and Zapier

Why Using Personalized Videos

Personalization is the norm when it comes to effective marketing strategies. According to Harris Interactive, 80% of people who shop online will have a positive response to a company’s marketing material if it is personalized. Accenture adds that 60% of consumers in the US believe not only in personalized marketing but also in real-time experiences, which is why contacting your lead as soon as you can is imperative.

Adding a live chat software like Pure Chat to your website takes 3 minutes. Creating a zap with Zapier to connect Pure Chat to Sezion so that you can show your website’s visitors and users some love takes up to 10 minutes. We’ll be happy to help :-).