Developers for TADHack

This one’s for all our developers out there!

Here is your chance to network and practice what you know, as well as learning more by meeting other developers and making good partnerships to last. Your chance is TADHack’s hackathon.


What’s this TADHack meeting? Excellent question. It’s a meeting place for developers who want to learn, share, code, and create using the tools and technologies available in telecommunications. 
You’ll have fun developing an application idea and presenting it in front of a panel. 

When’s this wonderful meeting happening? June 6 & 7th in Madrid’s TeatroGoya. A nice weekend for developing. Now, you don’t have to present physically, you can show off your idea via submission of a video. They have their requirements here
It’s an international event, you can plug in remotely or go to a satellite site, all in all,  they want to sponsor you, so of course, they’re going to take into consideration that people have families, other obligations, and where they live. 

They want to hear your ideas! So show off what you got. 

I bet the next questions is: Any prizes? Why, yes, of course. They’re giving out $25k in prize money and $5k in other prizes. 

There will be speakers like Alan Quayle, TADHack founder, Mark ShuttleWorth, founder of Ubuntu, and James Tagg, CTO Truphone, so you shouldn’t miss out. What have you got you got to lose? Nothing, because you’ll only gain from this event. 

Want to register or need more info? Check out their website: TADHack.

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