Benefits of using Personalized Videos in Email Marketing

Benefits of using Video in Email Marketing

Online video use is growing in popularity, that’s why 51.9% of marketers consider video as having one of the best ROI according to CopyPress. With more than 4 billion views every day, YouTube is the winner in almost every B2C category.

Have you ever thought about video in email marketing campaigns? Sure you have. But, do you really know the benefits of using video in email marketing messages? Let me help you with that. In a recent report by The Relevancy Group, the following clarifying results were found:


The results show that some smart brands are experiencing higher click-through and conversion rates by properly using video in their email marketing campaigns.

Our unique individual email address makes the email a vital communication channel between brands and customers.

When thinking about whether embedded video in email is right for your company, you need to stop and consider what’s the online consumer behaviour:

  • 204 million emails are sent every minute, compared to 6 million Facebook page views per minute.
  • Mobile email adoption is now omnipresent. According to The Relevancy Group, 88% percent of consumers use email on smartphones.
  • 40% of YouTube traffic is mobile.

In a fragmented sphere, brands must look to occupy the areas and formats their consumers use most. With the rise of cross-channel users, most brands aim to have an Omni-channel presence. Omni- channel means that brands want to be able to “attract, engage, transact, fulfill and serve” their customers across all channels and formats. Download the free eBook about the Onmi-channel approach.

Do you know who’s the Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) leader in advertising revenue? You are right. Video is the winner with a rate of around 25%. Video’s impressive potential can be partially attributed to the rise of mobile because by 2018, monthly global mobile video traffic is forecasted to increase from around 1 million terabytes to over 7 million terabytes. Also by 2018, Cisco predicts video to occupy 76% of all consumer Internet traffic.

Let’s keep it simple: we all love videos and we all spend a lot of our screen time reading and sending emails. But most brands are missing a huge opportunity even when using digital videos within their email marketing campaigns. Sending personalized videos in your email campaigns in order to better connect with your customers is becoming the trend, as it allows brands to engage with their audiences with highly customized content related to them. Just imagine a video where Morgan Freeman speaks directly to you. No one can ignore that. It’s about getting personal.

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