Customer Support: Because It’s Valuable

Because It’s Valuable: The Little Things

Remember our post from a week ago, the basics a company should do with their clients? Yea? Good, because now it’s time for more than just basics.

The little things.
Like clothes out of the dryer.


It’s what really makes someone’s day sometimes. A smile on the bus, or holding a door open. Little things – big meanings.

So what little things can you do as a company or business to make your customers value their relationship with you?

Get them chocolate!
No, you don’t have to— and that’s a bit of chocolate for everyone.

So here’s the little list that we compiled.

1. Be personable

You know, introduce yourself, smile, and have a solid handshake.

2. Recognize

Recognize that the client is there, make some eye contact, give them a nod or a wave, and “I’ll be with you in a second” if you’re busy with another customer.


3. Listen

Listen. It’s a two-way street. They’ll be happy that someone actually wants to help them.

4. Freebies!

Offer some freebies once in a while. But don’t get too crazy.


5. Say it twice.

Their name. Make sure to say it twice. It will help them focus and it will help you remember their name!

6. Be a human.

Opening up will make the connection better. People want to know they are talking to another human being and not some selling machine.

Here at Sezion, we excel at being human! Humor is a part of us and we love connecting with people, clients or not.

Ah, the little things. Anything you want to add to the list?

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