Are you looking for Sponsors for Your Event?

You have an idea for an event, people who would go to the event, even a place to hold the event, but still something is missing: Sponsors.

Every event needs some help with all the details that go behind making an event. We, here at Sezion, want to help as sponsors, whether it be a hackathon or other developer targeted events.


We are willing to offer:

  • Prizes: not every hack day needs prizes (people go to hack days to learn, to play, for networking…), but they are a good incentive. 
  • Our automatic video editing SaaS solutions: this could greatly help your marketing strategy by allowing you to automatically create videos showcasing the companies and people attending your event or allow you quality control for videos your companies would like to post for the event.
  • Our experience or other resources we have: please, let us know!

If you are holding an event and looking for sponsors, we want to hear more about it. Shoot us an email at help (at) so we can figure out how can we help.