Adding watermark to your videos

Adding Watermarks With Sezion

Video takes time and effort to create. Even large companies like Nielsen describe online videos as ¨difficult to create¨. Once you have put in the hours to make a high quality video, you don’t want anyone to be able to steal it and claim all the credit. One way you can make sure your videos will always be connected to your company is by adding a watermark.

Usually, what you would do to create a watermark in a video is use a layer in the player that adds watermarks. The problem with this is that sometimes people can download those videos without the watermark. This is due to the fact you are just adding a layer, and the watermark isn´t an integral part of the video.

Some big names in the industry have this exact problem. Because they had just added a watermark to a layer on top of the video, their videos´ watermarks are easily removed through editing software or in some cases the watermarks may not have downloaded when someone downloaded the video. This led to competitors having the ability to pass those videos off as their own. Imagine the frustration of the people who worked so hard just to learn that the company might not get any credit for it.

How do you solve this problem? Sezion

With Sezion you can easily integrate watermarks into all of your videos using our user friendly tools. Once you have designated where you want the watermark and what image you want for your watermark, you can automatically make any number of videos have the same watermark. With our tools the watermark isn’t an extra layer, it is an integral and very hard to remove element of the video (automatic batch video editing).

Let’s see two examples:

Here is a normal video, without the editing:

And here is the same video with our cloud-based automatic video editing at scale:

So if you´re looking to create high quality, uniform videos that are always recognizable as yours then Sezion, with our easy to use watermark tools, is the way to go! Start with your free account now or let us know if you need some help!