3 Crowdfunding Videos We Love



OUYA is an open console that works on the television. It lets video developers create their own games without having to fight their way into the console market. At 99 dollars it is also one of the least gaming consoles out there. On Kickstarter OUYA started with a goal of $950,000 and ended up raising close to 8.6 million dollars.

So why did this crowdfunding video work so well? Let’s break this video down starting from the beginning. Like I said in my article 5 Ways to Turn Web Video Into Your #1 Sales Tool, ¨The easiest way to make your video interesting is to either add humor or edginess¨. The upbeat music andswift seamless transitions from scenes of the board room to the product in action add edginess that grabs the viewer from the beginning.

 Once they have grabbed your attention, the speaker, Julie Uhrman, begins to explain the problem at hand, the reason for her solution. Only after convincing the viewer that there is a need for an open T.V consul does she reveal OUYA. This technique of drawing the viewer in and making them rethink the traditional gaming routes such as Xbox makes them more likely to consider her solution. By bringing in other experts in the field such as Brian Fargo founder of inXile, her claim that an open console is needed is confirmed.

Once she has made the problem at hand clear, she introduces her team. This makes her seem more legitimate and shows that there are many people working behind this solution. Discussing her past successes such as the JamBox further legitimizes the company and its ability to create a successful product.

Then they discuss the product advantages next. This is the most important part of the video. This is the chance for you to really sell the listener on YOUR solution. It is the time to show you stand above the competitors. They start explaining all the unique features by Yves Behar saying ¨This is what makes OUYA different¨. His phrasing tells the viewer most consuls do not have these features. The key with explaining features is to not overwhelm the viewer with too much information, but still state a variety of your best features.

Finally the call to action: saying that this will not happen without your support is key. She makes people feel like they have the power to make this happen and that they must act to make it happen.

It is through Kickstarter that OUYA was able to start, and it is largely due to the amazing video they created.

#2 Veronica Mars Movie


Veronica Mars Movie project had the advantage of having a hit 3 season T.V show and several famous actors such as Kristen Bell, but its Crowdfunding video was definitely a factor in its funding over 5.7 million dollars.

After Veronica Mars could not get the sufficient funding from the studio to produce a movie, they took their funding to the fans on Kickstarter.

Unlike OUYA, the Veronica Mars Movie Project doesn´t grab you with edginess. Instead they choose humor as their weapon. The video begins in Kristen Bells house as she lazily walks out to the kitchen after waking up only to find her costar Ryan Hansen sitting on her couch watching T.V. After making a joke about fitting through her corgi sized doggie door, Ryan cuts to the chase: ¨when are we going to do this whole Veronica Mars movie?¨ Kristen points out that money is the issue.

Given that this movie is being promoted through Kickstarter, viewers already know what’s coming: that they will make a movie if they get financial support from the fans. Instead of just asking right away, they continue with humor through Jason Dohring ¨smoldering¨ look and use of catch phrases, as well as Enrico Colantoni still pretending to be in character years after the show has been off the air for 7 years and Kristen Stewart’s inner monologue. This makes the viewer think back to the humor of the show and makes the viewer want there to be more jokes to come.

They next state the rewards for donating such as signed movie posters, an associate produce title, video updates on how production is going. While stating the rewards they continue with the humor, which holds the viewers attention even more. After all the jokes they show the brand name and then on a more serious note ask for donations and give reasons why people should keep donating even after the fundraising goal is reached. By being funny, but also seriously asking, it shows that they are not just fun, but also committed to making this project the best it can be.

Veronica Mars Movie Project was largely supported because of its previous fan base, but the crowdfunding video they produced through its humor ultimately must have swayed some to donate.

#3 Wish I Was Here


Similar to the Veronica Mars Movie Project, the movie Wish I Was Here, had help drawing attention to the project from some famous faces such as Donald Faison, Jim Parons, and of course project creator Zach Braff.

Unlike the Veronica Mars Movie Project, this crowdfunding video cuts to the chase right away and leaves the humor for later. Zach Braff explains the situation he is in: that funding for his movie is possible, but at a cost; he won´t have artistic freedom and instead would be forced to concede to the wishes of investors. He begins to explain who he wants to cast as what. This is where the humor comes in. Zach Braff´s jokes such as Jim Parson playing a sexy pool boy are key to keeping the viewers attention. They also make the viewer want to hear more of Zach´s jokes, not jokes controlled by investors. This further emphasizes why one should support Zach´s crowdfunding project.

Zach Braff then goes into how Garden State was only made possible because of a single investor not even in the entertainment industry who believed in Zach Braff and gave him full artistic freedom. This reference to his older movie explains to the viewer how lucky he was to have full artistic freedom and that in his industry that is rare, but it is what made his last movie great.

He then goes on to explain things about Wish I Was Here such as he is the one staring in it and there is a whole Comic-Con component of it. This little bit of a preview of what is to come grabs the viewer in, but does not spoil too much of what is to come.

Finally he ends with a call to action and a brief explanation of a few rewards for donating such as sitting next to him at the premiere. His call to action briefly sums up what he has said throughout the whole video: he wants final cut of the video and the ability to make the movie without compromises. This is a simple thought-out call to action that makes the reader feel for his cause.

I Wish I Was Here raised over 3.1 million dollars in part due to fans believing in Zach Braff´s mind and the great movies that come from it and also in part because of his well planned out and balanced Kickstarter movie.

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