What’s The Best Personalized Video For Your Prospects, Leads and Customers?

What’s The Best Personalized Video For Your Prospects, Leads and Customers?

Creating the best personalized video ever is not an easy job. From a content perspective, how can you know what kind of personalized video will have the best completion rates when used with your marketing automation flow? A common, and extremely useful solution, is A/B testing – which is something that most companies already use to gauge email marketing subjects, and other forms of content. It’s as simple as measuring how personalized videos perform relative to your business’ KPIs.

When it comes to generating ideas you can always look at inbound marketing content that you’ve already created. Starting with pieces that have already performed well in terms of sharing, average time on page, bounce rates, and completion goals (webforms, etc.) and general engagement is a great way to create personalized videos for your audience.

Now, by using this information to your advantage it is possible to identify specific topics and trends that continue to garner the best results. In identifying the way it was explained, its distribution channel, and A/B testing it becomes possible to create a highly engaging video that can be delivered through your marketing automation flow.

Personalized Video Examples

Limitless Creative and Real, Lasting Results

Creating personalized videos for each step in the buyer’s journey will help you deliver relevant, engaging and converting content with every interaction – no matter where your prospects, leads and customers are coming from.

Whether a user is coming from a landing page, a newsletter subscription, or any of the dozens of other ways that they might use to enter your businesses system, it’s possible to include personalized automated content that feels as though it’s been hand crafted just for them.

Thanks to technological improvements, marketing automation solutions are easier to work with than they’ve ever been before. A marketing automation solution is capable of automating nearly every business’ workflow in a scalable way. What’s the bottom line? Increased operational efficiency, more revenue, limitless creative and real, lasting results on your terms.

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