Ways to Skyrocket International Sales

You’ve got a nice spread of customers nationally, but what about the potential clients internationally? Here’s a few ways for the reach to go global.

#1 Find your market

If you don’t have a market, who are you selling to? Pick some countries, do light research about which ones might be interested in your service/product, and finally do some advertising with Google AdWords to direct ads to those countries.

#2 Make them feel at home

You got your market? Good! Now, let’s make them feel at home.

Bienvenidos. Добро пожаловать. Welcome. Willkommen. Καλώς Ορίσατε.

You can greet users with simple messages, welcoming them to your website. A simple yet wonderful way to make your guests know they are appreciated. All this from simply using geo-location from the customer’s IP address.

Pro tip: For added effectiveness translate messages into local languages. The use of local languages for content is very important.

#3 Offer local currencies

It’s nice to know that you can look at a website and not have to fuss with currency conversions. Why not provide multiple currencies for your site?

This may be a tough one, so start out with some main currencies: GBP, EUR, and USD for example, then expand to others where you see success.

#4 Shipping rates.

Don’t make the customer hunt for the shipping rate, clearly show them throughout the site. At the very least, show international shipping prices at checkout. This way the site won’t alienate international customers.

Pro tip: For a really sleek experience, dynamically select and display the user’s country without them needing to change or click anything from a drop-down menu. Target the customer with their specific country shipping rate right on the page. The result? Less confusion and a smooth transaction.

#5 Customization

Maybe you’ve got a couple different countries that are solid buyers from your site. Since they are all different, their needs will be different, too. Make sure that your service or product can be customized to the country’s need. But, don’t forget to make profit! Don’t sign contracts until you’re sure the profits outweigh the costs to customize.

#6 Use online videos!

Using videos in your website can easily attract the attention of customers and keep them around your site longer. The statistics are on your side if a video is used on your website. For example, according to Comscore, retail site visitors are 64% more likely to purchase when shown a video, so take advantage of that and use video in your marketing technique. 

If you’re thinking, “Video? Where am I going to get a professional video?” Sezion can help you in that department. If you’d like to compile all your photos, texts, ratings, prices, or anything elseautomatically, into one professional video, Sezion is the place to go. Check this video out and see for yourself!

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