Translated Transcripts: Improving Your SEO and Easy to Make with Verbalizelt

Here at Sezion, we are always looking for solutions that may improve your online video strategy. From now on we will periodically be showcasing companies to help you understand what solutions are out there.

One main problem for companies is video SEO.The bottom line is if no one sees your site or video no one will become your customer. In my article Can´t Miss Resources for Video Marketing and SEO, I give a variety of suggestions to improve SEO, yet there are still more techiques one can use. One new technique is adding a transcript to your video.

Having a transcript on your blog can not only improve your video SEO, but also it can also improve customer engagement. It allows viewers to clarify what you are saying and also follow along more easily. Most people think a transcript in your primarily language is enough, but why alienate your viewers that speak other languages? Not being fluent or able to translate your transcript is no longer a valid excuse thanks to companies like VerbalizeIt.


Verbalizelt is a technology platform that provides businesses with access to over 19,000 curated translators to ensure that language is never a barrier to communication. They provide website, document and mobile app translation to companies looking to better engage with a global customer-base. You may have also seen them on the season finale of the ABC television series, Shark Tank. 

Let me introduce you to Ryan Frankel, former Goldman Sachs analyst, Wharton School of Business graduate, and Cofounder of VerbalizeIt.

                              Ryan Frankel - Verbalizeit

Q: What made you start VerbalizeIt? We would love to know the story behind it.

A: I founded VerbalizeIt after finding myself sicker than I’d ever been in China. I knew exactly what medication I needed but couldn’t communicate with the pharmacist and wished I had a quality human translator by my side. When I returned to the States, I realized I wasn’t alone. My colleagues, friends and family all had similar lost in translation stories. I decided to look at the marketplace for quality human translation and realized that companies of all shapes and sizes as well as people, needed help navigating language barriers.  

Q: With a few translation platforms as a service already in the market, what is that one unique thing that VerbalizeIt has according to you?

A: We’ve positioned VerbalizeIt as a full-service translation platform that can scale to meet any company’s needs. Other translation platforms tend to focus on specific content and specific devices—think medical translation on desktop computers. We see things differently. We believe that no matter what the size of your business is you deserve the right to compete in the global marketplace and reach consumers on any device. Our more than 19,000 vetted translators allow you to reach customers all over the world while keeping your message in content. 

Q: How can you help online video makers? Why localization is important?

A: Ninety-five-percent of consumers live outside of the U.S. and they represent two-thirds of the worlds spending power. Online video makers are at the forefront of the shift to a global economy. We’re working with companies like Vimeo to provide professional video transcription and translation to help video makers embrace the new global economy and strengthen their engagements with new customers all over the world.

With companies like VerbalizeIt, you not only increase your customer engagement, but also your video SEO because google takes key words from your transcripts to connect you with people who are looking for your information. More languages mean more keywords and a wider outreach. 

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