Top 5 Most-Shared Videos of April

#1 Cardstore: ¨World´s Toughest Job¨

People say Mother´s Day was originally created by greeting card companies as a way to sell more cards. This may be true, but after watching Cardstore´s ¨World´s Toughest Job¨ ad, all will agree Mother´s Day is a needed holiday. This ad was launched on April 14th and within the last few weeks of April it got over 1.32 million shares. The video features interviews with candidates for a fake job. The interviewer explains the requirements for the job such as constantly exerting yourself for 135 to unlimited hours a week with no breaks, no vacation, and no financial compensation. Within a minute, most candidates are laughing saying who would do this job? The interviewer then says the plot twist, ¨There are billions of people already doing this job… moms.¨ One can´t help but feel such appreciation for all the work mothers do. The ad ends with a call to action, but because the whole ad focused on humor and being touching it was able to capture the attention of millions and gave Cardstore the wide reach it was looking for.

#2  Thai Life Insurance: ¨Unsung Hero¨

Thai Life Insurance consistently puts its viewers through an emotional ringing. Its last viral add ¨Silence of Love¨ featured a story of a father daughter relationship that is so touching it might just bring you to tears. Their new viral add, ¨Unsung hero¨, reached 1.17 million shares in April alone. It features an average Joe going about his daily life. Along the way, he does random acts of kindness such as giving money to a child for education, watering a plant, and helping a woman push her cart up on to the sidewalk. At the time, these acts appear to go unnoticed. People even shake their head when they see him do them, but every act is appreciated and in time the difference they make shows. It is through tugging on the viewers heart strings that this video grabed the attention of millions and gave Thai Life Insurance enormous amounts of attention.

#3 Castrol: ¨Footkhana¨

With the June, fast approaching it is no surprise that ads featuring potential stars of the Fifa World Cup are hits.

Car fuel and football appear to have little to do with each other besides the fact that car fuel helps you get to your football match, that is until a British oil brand, Castrol, created ¨Footkhanna¨. In this ad for Castrol, football and the tire-shredding practice of Gymkhanna are combined with the help of a few stars such as Neymar Jr. The pair of Neymar Jr., football star, and Ken Block, racer, do tricks that will surprise and astonish you. Not only does this ad get people excited about the upcoming World Cup, but with its over 850,000 shared in April alone, it attracts plenty of attention to Castrol.

#4 Nike: ¨Winner Stays¨

If an oil company is able to take advantage of the world cup for advertising purposes, it is no surprise that Nike would do the same. In its ad ¨Winner Stays¨, Nike keeps the schoolyard feel while still adding in big stars. This ad begins with two teenage teams on a local football pitch agreeing to play for who stays on. All of us have at some point dreamed of being our favorite sports star, and Nike knows this. By having these kids turn into sports stars and the whole pitch turning into a stadium, Nike plays on a feeling that we all know well and it creates gold. This ad got over 779,000 shares and helped make Nike look like a brand for everyone from kids out on a local pitch to football superstars.

#5 Google Maps: ¨Pokémon Challenge¨

Google may be the top search engine in the world, but even they have competitors for their Maps app. With their ad ¨Pokemon Challenge¨ and its almost 500,000 shares in April alone, Google Maps definitely gained some more attention. This ad was for a Google´s Pokemon challenge where Google hid Pokemon throughout their world map and asked users to try to find them. The prize was a possible job opportunity at Google.  The concept behind the challenge is brilliant. For an app that is practical, it can be hard to have fun ads or elements. This challenge got people using Google Maps like a game and at the same time showed users how useful this app could be in their daily life. With its intense music, clean transitions between different scenes, and integration of animation with real people, the ad clearly presented what the challenge was and how much fun it could be. The competition alone would have been shared a lot, but  it was the combination of the challenge idea and the way it was shot and advertised that led to its half a million shares. 

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