Learn about the Onmi-channel approach

The Omni-Channel Approach

In this new era of digital media, having an omni-channel presence is essential. Consumers have adapted to the introduction of multiple platforms and learned to use them proficiently in conjunction with each other, causing brands to have to keep up. A complete consumer experience now spans phones, tablets, computers and in the case of retail, physical shopping. In order for brands to succeed, users must be able to switch from one platform to another seamlessly, creating a continuous user-experience. This continuity is crucial. A fragmented user experience is viewed as a huge inconvenience, which at this stage in technological advancement is basically a deal breaker for any brand. It is imperative that all aspects of the user experience are as efficient and user friendly as possible, and that includes using the product across different platforms.

Another vital aspect of the omni-channel approach — one that a surprising number of marketers disregard — is meticulously keeping track of all data. In a recent survey of 1,000 marketers, their top priority was to orchestrate their marketing activities across all channels. While their top goal was increasing brand presence, the lowest rated priorities were to measure the financial results and customer retention benefits of their marketing activities. This is almost baffling, as without measuring the results, there is no way to know whether or not your marketing tactics are effective. When you make a change or are doing A/B testing, tracking and analyzing the data is necessary in order to make an informed decision on how to proceed. Understanding and adhering to these two strategies is an excellent way to improve your business.

Understanding and adhering to these two strategies is an excellent way to improve your business. In order to learn more about these two topics as well as other innovative marketing strategies, download our free eBook at http://bit.ly/digital-media-ebook. Hope you enjoy!