Stop Outsourcing Things You Can Do Yourself

Creating a video on your own seems like a daunting task, but the reality is it is not as hard as it seems. Instead of spending thousands of dollars outsourcing the production of your video, you can do it yourself for a fraction of the cost!


Your first thought might be, but I don’t have all those big fancy video cameras that a professional has. Yes those cameras are nice and do shoot beautiful footage, but nowadays there are many more avoidable convenient options. Phones these days like the Iphone 5 have cameras that rival professional cameras as shown by the video below. Keep in mind that in that video is the 4S and the 5´s camera is even better!


There are also other affordable cameras on the market today. The main thing is you just want a camera that captures at 24 frames per second in a widescreen  aspect ratio.


There are probably some things about filiming that make you nervous like: will I have the right lighting? What about sound quality? How do I keep the camera steady? All of these are valid concerns, but in this day and agethe internet and its nearly infinite resources can be your friend and guru for all things film.

There are thousands of videos up today about how to create appropriate lighting on your subject without all the fancy equipment. In the video below Anders creates good portrait lighting using a window, a lamp, some aluminium and a tall item; all items that one can find around the house.  

So your probably thinking what about sound, don´t camera men usually carry around multiple fuzzy windscreens and aren’t those expensive? Yes they can cost over a hundred dollars for just the windscreen, but you can also make one yourself in as little as twenty minutes for a fraction of the cost. If spending $40 on the microphone with a windscreen rather than $150 sounds good, then Joel Greenberg´s step by step do it yourself article is exactly where you should start.

Another way you could cheaply do sounds is with a Lavalier microphone which could be purchased for as little as $30. These microphones clip on to your shirt and connect directly to your camera for clear sound without the use of a windscreen.

You´ve got sound and lighting now you’re just worried about your viewer getting car sick from how shaky your video is. First things first, give up on trying to do it all handheld. Even though you might think you are holding the camera perfectly still, human hands naturally have a bit of a shake to them because at all times some of our muscles are active. It is much more effective to get a tripod for your camera or a shoulder rig. Your tripod could even be a table or a flat surface; anything you know won´t move. A shoulder rig can allow you to attatch the camera and move it about as you please smoothly. This could be very useful for movement shots where you are moving closer to the subject and then farther away. With those simple tips you can create quality footage that after editing will look as good as any professional.


Just like there are online videos these days for how to create lighting, there are also hundreds of instructional videos and thousands of articles about how to use different editing programs to put those final touches on your film.

We here at Sezion also offer an automatic video editing SaaS that makes building a video experience fast, scalable, and simple. Say you’re an online clothing retailer and want to showcase all your products in a video format, if you have photos and some information, our technology can automatically generate a video experience. Instead of an employee working  for hours going through each and every product to create a video based on the photos and information, our technology can create it for thousands of videos in minutes.

Another example is if your company wants to control the quality and editing of videos posted on your website. Our technology can automatically create title pages and intros along with add music that tunes out when someone begins to speak. With this you can make the videos on your sight consistent and uniform automatically. Because this technology automatically can edit thousands of videos you can dramatically cut down on the costs of editing

So go out there make your video without outsourcing, and see how much it can save you! 

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