Meet Harán – Sezion’s CTO

You’ve met Nacho, our Project Engineer. You’ve also met Samuel, our Software Engineer Intern. 

But, have you met our CTO?

His name is Harán Lerma Santiago. 


We can’t take this too fast, so first things first, question number one:

Q: Where are you from?

Granada— The most beautiful city in Spain! 😀

We’re off to a great start, let’s keep going.

Q: What is a CTO and what do you do?

Chief Technology Officer, I have control of the technology of all projects, supervise the team, make the road map , plan the different tasks for projects, encourage the team to be on time, I also talk about Sezion at conferences and events in ‘tech’ terms.

Q: What’s your favorite thing to do at work?

Planning future projects of Sezion,  I love to see what we can do in the future &make it possible. 

Q: What’s one task that gives you a headache?

Searching for money, or when you have to do a project quickly, & not giving it quality— all because of deadlines.
I also hate DELAYS. WE ALWAYS HAVE DELAYS. But that’s like any other business.

Q: What made you interested in technology?

Technology is the future, I always liked the new things when I was younger. I wondered what are we going to have in 20 years, I was dreaming of computers all the time and I loved to watch them in stores. They were expensive, though, so I couldn’t get one. I knew at the beginning I wanted to learn about computers & technology because that is what moves the world today. 

Q: Was it scary to become a founder?

It was scary. It was a big jump. But, you feel important because you have so much power, to create something new, something important, make decisions for yourself (company). It definitely balanced out the fear I had in the beginning.

Q: What advice would you give those interested in technology?

Ahhh, you know that you like technology if you are looking for new things and hope that technology can help the issues of life.
So, be innovative, creative!! You don’t have limits. Anything is possible. You can always be a part of these new things. 

Q: What would you tell other developers who want to start their own business?

Ask themselves- why is this product/service the best thing?
And once they think they have the best product —go for it! Sometimes they need to know that their product doesn’t exist in the market already.

Q: How do you handle stressful situations?

I don’t do anything, I stop and think. (Look for a solution)

Q: What’s the funniest that happened at Sezion?

(Laughs) I went to Barcelona to throw a sales pitch for the Wall Street Journal’s interviews with start-ups in Spain. I was alone but I had been preparing the pitch for a week. Once I got on camera, I completely blanked out. “Sezion is… Sezion is… uhm”. That’s all I could remember to say! A year later, the Wall Street interviewer published in the WSJ, ”Definitely winning the coolest pitch.” So that happened. 

There was another time in Israel, where one of us got a little intoxicated, but we’ll save the story for another day. 

Q: What’s the secret to success?

Two—- three—- ok, four things:
Be consistent,
Be patient,
Don’t worry about failures —get up quickly after a minor fail, look for solutions!
Keep your options & mind open, there is  always way!

These are some great  tips coming from a founder! Wonder who’s next? An intern? Wink-wink.

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