Customer segmentation loves personalized-videos

How Customer Segmentation Empowers Personalized Videos

Customer segmentation and personalized videos are the perfect lovers. Why? In case you didn’t know, more than 55% of marketers have been using marketing automation for the past 3 years. Segmentation is one of the main pillars of marketing automation, where video has shown to offer better results than other type of content. More than half of marketers consider video as having one of the best ROI and when personalization comes into play, personalized videos are 54% more engaging than a normal video.

What is Customer Segmentation?

Customer Segmentation consist of a subdivision of a market into smaller customer groups with similar characteristics. Thanks to a well done customer segmentation, you’ll be able to tailor specific offerings and messages for selected customer groups, which will help you improve the KPIs that make sense according to your business goals. Are these groups more profitable? Do they need a personalized communication to connect with them?

Infographic: Customer Segmentation

Infographic: Customer Segmentation

Companies that identify underserved segments can then outperform the competition by developing uniquely appealing products and services. Customer Segmentation is most effective when a company tailors offerings to segments that are the most profitable and serves them with distinct competitive advantages. This prioritization can help companies develop marketing campaigns and pricing strategies to extract maximum value from both high- and lowprofit customers. A company can use Customer Segmentation as the principal basis for allocating resources to product development, marketing, service and delivery programs.

Most of the companies out there, maybe even yours and ours, might not have enough data to create a customer segmentation that makes sense from a business perspective. Customer segmentation it’s more than just creating personalized marketing campaigns. It helps you create value propositions for every segment, as well as pricing strategies, communication messages and even technical support or any other area that makes a difference in your service offering.

Companies use Customer Segmentation to:

  • Prioritize new product development efforts
  • Create specific product features
  • Launch personalized marketing programs
  • Determine appropriate product pricing
  • Determine an optimal distribution strategy (online or offline)
  • Design a pricing strategy

Customer segmentation and video completion rates to measure a personalized video success

Taking advantage of  personalized video’s high engagement rates with your marketing automation software will help you know exactly what is working in terms of conversions, lead generation and sales. The first step here is to know what kind of personalized video is working and one of the key metrics is the video completion rate. According to a TubeMogul’s report, the rate of message association more than doubles when the viewers have watched an entire video add, growing from 8.3% to 20.5%.

Knowing what video has been watched the most helps, but remember, you need to go deeper. You see, a video with a lot of views could have less conversions to sales than a video with less views. Use your marketing automation software’s tagging system and lead scoring options to create a customer segmentation according to your business goals. This will help you measure the lead stage during the sales cycle, as well as its intent to buy or request a demo, which is pretty popular among B2B SaaS platforms. An alternative solution to track this kind of engagement without using a specific marketing automation software is by using URL trackers or even URL shorters. All this will help your audience segment themselves, saving you a lot of time while delivering highly personalized messages throughout the buyer’s journey.

The more engaged your leads are during the sales cycle, the better results you can expect. Personalized videos bring deeper connections and create trust between your brands and your customers. By using your own marketing automation software you’ll be able to connect with your leads and customer with almost every sense. Gone are the days when you could only customize the name of a person in the body of an email.

Why would you interact with Personalized Ad?? Personalized Not Personalized
The ads are relevant to me 64% 32%
I’m interested in the products or services being advertised 54% 36%
I am curious about the advertiser/product 50% 38%
I like the advertised brand/product 48% 34%
I trust the companies/brands that I see advertised 39% 26%
I feel connected to the brands that I see advertised 37% 20%
I enjoy the ads 35% 23%

Source: The Balancing Act: Getting Personalization Right

How can you know what’s the best personalized video for your leads and customer?

From a content perspective, how can you know what kind of personalized video will have the best completion rates when used with your marketing automation flow? A/B tests are extremely useful here. Just as you probably already do with your email marketing subjects, measure what personalized videos get the best results according to your own KPIs. You can also take a closer look at the inbound marketing content you’ve already created to see what have worked in terms of sharing, page bounce rates, average time on page, completion goals (webforms, etc.), among other key metrics to measure lead engagement.

The content with the best rates will usually tell you what webinar, ebook, article… grabbed your lead’s attention. Now, use this information to your advantage. Was it the content topic, the way it was explained or the distribution channel? Answering this questions, A/B testing your personalized video messages and relaying on your data will help you create a highly engaging video delivered through your marketing automation flow.

Personalized videos displayed during the buyer’s journey will help you deliver relevant and converting content at every audience touchpoint. No matter where these leads, prospects and customer are coming from. They might be coming from an ebook landing page, a newsletter subscriber list or any other lead generation alternative. You’ll be able to include personalized videos when attracting, converting and closing your leads, customers and promoters.

Marketing automation solutions have made this really easy, since you can automate a complete workflow at scale while streamlining, automating and measuring every task and workflow with automations actions triggered by specific events. This translates in an increased operational efficiency and more revenue, but implies being creative on the way we approach to our target audience in order to get the best results in your own terms.