An interview to Fotolia's Spain Country Manager

Fotolia: Local Content at a Professional Level

Fotolia is quite an amazing company. Helping any business, big or small, get  great content- images, videos, or clips- for any project they have at hand. Remember don’t advertise, engage your audience! Spain’s Fotolia offers content that is readily available for the Spanish local market. Being local is a powerful advantage in that the clients will have content that is geared towards them instead of a general market.

Spain’s Fotolia Director is Charles Tournier. He has been working at Fotolia since 2007 and put a lot of his time into making the company a huge success, not only in Spain, but around the world.


Someone who was a part of the growing success of a company should be interviewed, yes?

Yes! We’re glad that he accepted our little Q & A.

Here we go.

1. In simple terms, what is Fotolia? 

Fotolia is a global image bank, that acts as the point of interaction between professional designers and buyers who need legal yet great content for their projects without the wait, with all the flexibility of use, and at the best price in the market.

2. What does it offer and how is it different from similar websites?

Fotolia offers multiple benefits thanks to our local leadership. We have authors and therefore content that has been adapted to the Spanish market, not like other image banks which fall under American standards. More so, we offer local support which makes an easy relationship between ourselves and our clients. Another aspect of our leadership, is that we offer a great relationship between price and quality, with our flexible solutions for any type of person looking for images. We also have the advantage of possessing cutting-edge technology. We offer excellent search tools for anything and we can help you find the perfect image with the fewest amount of clicks.

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3. What obstacles/issues does Fotolia help users overcome?

Our image bank is here to fit the needs of our clients, available at any moment, with flexible and simple licenses, and always at an excellent price. We offer an enormous showcase to our collaborators of hundreds of thousands of world buyers, all at a local level, something that is incomparable to other market players.

4. Your site offers a good deal of content that is multi-media: ranging from images, to videos, to logos. Where do you acquire this type of content?

All the content offered by Fotolia is created through an immense database of collaborators that is distributed throughout the world. More than 200,000 collaborators. From the farthest corners of the world, we always have video artists, photographers, or designers, all ready to offer their creations.

5. When searching and accepting content, are there restrictions on the ones you approve to display on your site? Is user-generated content most important?

Of course, we have restrictions and filters. All the images and videos that are sent to us are systematically revised by our staff who accept or deny the images and videos based on legal, aesthetic, and commercial criteria. We pay very close attention to legal restrictions regarding people, brands, and other elements protected by international copyright laws, that way our content will be safe to use for our clients.

6. What do you most value about the content you choose to display? Why?

The content for sale in our image bank has to pass several conditions, the most prominent being technical quality, creativity, originality, illustrative aptitude, and safety. It is true that the most successful collaborators are the ones who combine interesting images and commerce for the buyer, with their own personal style showing in their work.

7. What were some main difficulties Fotolia faced in the past? How did the company overcome these?

The beginning is always risky, though here in Fotolia we have had the luck of being pioneers with our image bank.  At this time, our concern is to make an image database a size that will interest our clients. But, to bring together all these images, the photographers need to know that their photos will sell. We overcame this difficulty through our communication; lots of explanations of our business model, and the future it had. From here we understand that many artists trust Fotolia to sell their work.

8. For whom is Fotolia? Is it for everyone, or is there a certain market/ audience?

Any person might need to buy images at any time: from someone who wants to decorate their house with an image made into a wallpaper, to the small businesses who need to acquire promotional flyers, and in between, the big editorial groups and huge corporations who need thousands of images for their projects.  The fact that we can adjust to any situation is all based on our strength, we have simple services for those who need a small amount of images, like, personalized ones for groups and specific petitions.

9. Why is Fotolia a good place to start for those who are interested in making videos?

The unquestionable global leadership position of Fotolia and the existence of a large clientele that need a lot of video content for TV, advertising , etc. make Fotolia, without a doubt, the best option for video material. Even more, the availability of video clips is growing fast in Fotolia, we find ourselves at key point, to be with Fotolia today is to secure sales for the future.

10. Describe the customers that you typically get—-Is there anyone else you would like to attract?

We have clients of every type: from the small shops in the neighborhoods that want decorations or advertisements, up to big publishing corporations, going in between companies of medium size, private, and freelance designers.

11. How does (professional) UGC impact today’s marketing strategies?

The user generated content is directly proportional to the popularization of the internet, while the creative explosion is a direct consequence of digital and technological expansion. In this context, no strategy can escape the existence of user generated content. This adaptation to professional user generated content (UGC) can be done, but it requires a great amount of filters and control for orders made for professional establishments. For example, there are advertising companies that have recently opened up to encourage collaboration with people, but occasionally the result doesn’t come out satisfactory.

And that concludes our interview with Mr. Tournier. Fotolia will definitely help anyone, business or personal, for any project, check them out here.

We want to give you all the resources for painless video creating, Fotolia is a great place to start if you need any images or video clips, & we at Sezion, can give you a free demo to demonstrate what we can do. Have at it!

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