Lead Engagement with Wufoo and Personalized Videos

Enhance Lead Engagement with Wufoo and Personalized Videos

Wufoo refers to an HTML form builder that will make it easy to generate online web form, such as those that are used for lead generation. It is an innovative technology that makes it easy to gather information needed about prospects. While Wufoo can be a successful tool in terms of acquiring leads, the information it provides all ends there, and you don’t want that to happen. So, what’s next? In order to make it more useful, it should be complemented by other strategies. For instance, to trigger lead engagement, the data retrieved from the forms should be used as the basis for creating a personalized video for every lead. If you are a Typeform user, don’t worry, we also wrote a tutorial about for Typeform.

Lead Engagement Solved With Personalized Videos

In marketing, one of the most challenging tasks is lead generation. The good thing is that there are different technologies that are available, making it easier to generate qualified leads, providing you with a list of prospects. Wufoo, for instance, has a wide array of templates that will provide businesses with pre-generated forms that can prove to be critical in acquiring leads.

While lead generation can already be a huge challenge, one thing that is even more difficult is being able to communicate directly to your prospects. There is a need to take advantage of an effective tool that will help you complement the success of the use of Wufoo. In this case, one of the most promising would be the use of personalized video, specifically from our own personalized video solution, Sezion.

How It Works

The process is pretty much very straightforward. Every time a new prospect has been acquired, a personalized video will be automatically created. This automatic creation of video speeds up effective marketing strategies. It makes intelligent use of the information acquired from the lead forms. This is also beneficial because of immediacy. According to certain studies, lead engagement will be at a higher rate if the prospects are contacted an hour after they express interest.

The use of a program like Zapier will make the process easier for you. It will link apps like Wufoo and Sezion so you don’t need to worry about any kind of integration. By connecting Wufoo and Sezion you’ll make sense of the information derived from lead generation forms to automatically make a personalized video for every lead for a highly-targeted marketing strategy.

Use Zapier to connect Wufoo with Sezion to automatically make personalized video

Onces Sezion has created the personalized video, the new video link can instantly be added to your email marketing messages, also by using Zapier. There are other marketing automation softwares that can be used as well with Sezion via Zapier, such as Active Campaign, Salesforce, and Infusion Soft, among others.

Zapier Video Tutorial: Increase Lead Engagement with Wufoo and Personalized Videos

Use this Zap now: Wufoo + Sezion

You can start using this Zap now by clicking the “Use this Zap” button displayed below, or we can also help you with your personalized video project.

Why Use Personalized Video

Through personalized videos, it is asserted that lead engagement can increase by as much as 54%. With such overwhelming number, there is no doubt that personalization is now the norm when it comes to effective marketing strategies, including the use of videos. In one study that has been published by Harris Interactive, it was concluded that 80% of people who shop online will have a positive response to a company’s marketing material if it is personalized. More so, according to Accenture, 60% of consumers in the US believe not only in personalized marketing but also in real-time experiences. This is exactly the reason why having personalized video is not enough. It should reach your target market shortly after signing up in your lead generation forms.

In sum, lead generation through the use of Wufoo should not just be all about getting a list of prospects. Emphasis should be given on being able to trigger a high level of engagement, and one of the best ways by which such can be possible is through the use of a personalized video that uses the customer’s data, such as name or  location, to create customized marketing campaigns.