4 highly-effective personalization strategies

4 Highly-Effective Personalization Strategies You Are Missing

Personalization is everywhere. Really.


You already know why. It’s how we feel more engaged. Connected.

Contact forms are the first step for most of the personalization that takes place across every screen, device, platform.

One-to-one marketing is not a secret anymore and personalization is the way to get started with it. Through a contact form marketers generate leads, which helps you get in touch with your future customers or users. You use them in your mycompanywebsite.com/contact page, in your landing pages, or even in that new appointment scheduling app that your sales reps have been testing lately.

The thing is, even if you’ve already realized all the obvious benefits contact forms bring to the game, chances are you still are missing some of the greater opportunities they have to offer: accelerating and engaging sales through personalization, and I’m not only talking about web personalization.

This guide about personalization strategies covers:

Why Contact Forms Matter For Personalization?

Did you know the average lead generation form conversion rate for B2B landing pages is 13.28%? What is even more surprising is that, according to Docalytics, In-Content web forms have an average conversion rate of 20.1%, which is higher than the average ratio from PPC Traffic. But what happens after a contact form has been used? No matter where you integrate it or even how, a contact form helps you gather useful information about another person, but that doesn’t mean it will add value by itself.

When a prospect fills out a web form he usually expects something in return. Is it a call? Marketing material? A tutorial? Whatever he’s expecting represents an opportunity, because you also expect something from that fresh new sales lead, right? Let’s talk about these opportunities.

Personalization: The One-to-one Marketing Path

This is not a “good by one-to-many marketing”, just a “hello one-to-one marketing”.

One-to-one marketing is about targeting each individual with personalization as a key tool. It used to be an option, but I’m afraid being personal is no longer optional. Todays’s marketing strategies requires a one-to-one approach. Your sales leads and even your customers are expecting tailored experiences. But again, this represents an opportunity: give them what they want because it’s what they understand and let’s do everything in our hands so this rings the bells of customer satisfaction. It will help you improve your chances to grow revenue by increasing lead engagement and accelerating your sales cycles.


Content personalization is not something new. Remember the last time you visited Spotify’s webplayer? How about Amazon or The New York Times? Their product offerings are based on web personalization: a personal customer experience. Is it possible to use a simple contact form to create this kind of personalized customer experience for your sales leads, users and customers? What is in for you?

There are different type of actions you can automatically execute to create a personalized customer journey for your new sales leads and customers based on almost any kind of content personalization. Here you’ll find 4.

1. Personalized Documents

Document personalization is one of the old guys here. Have you ever wondered about an automated way to create a personalized PDF, Word, Excel or even PowerPoint for every new sales lead or customer? Creating personalized documents automatically is not only about eliminating tedious processes, but also about supporting your new or existing automated one-to-one marketing strategy and customer engagement goals in critical touch points.

Just to give you an idea, William Bronchick  from LegalWiz increased his conversions between 300% and 500% by creating personalized documents for their leads.

Services like Webmerge or Conga allow you to automatically create personalized documents on the fly (usually integrated within your own workflow: Salesforce app, Google Sheets, DocuSign, etc.). These services help you to easily collect data, populate a document and send it to any contact automatically. All you need is a simple contact form and services like the one mentioned above to personalized the documents.

2. Personalized Videos

Personalized videos are all about ROI. They are now one of the most effective ways to promote a value proposition during onboarding processes, customer journeys strategies and lead engagement cycles. They also are the new trend for content personalization.

No matter the size of your company, budget or even of your marketing department, personalized videos are praised because they can deliver targeted video messages during your marketing and sales automation workflows, automatically.

Through the help of personalized video, you can interact with your customers by giving them the opportunity to know more about your company, about a related service or a specific value proposition that is relevant for every specific person. Here is where customer engagement shows off. Forrester’s Jim Nail believes that Personalized Video will command increasingly larger portions of advertising and marketing budgets due to its ROI improvement over traditional video content and other outbound methods of communication.

How a Personalized Video Works

Let’s understand how video personalization engines work. The following video shows a basic personalized video structure:

Here is the same video without the Dynamic Media or fields to be personalized, which in this case are only the texts:

As you can see, personalized videos are unique videos tailored for and from specific audiences, content or occasions. They are created on the cloud in real-time based on any data source and trigger, like for example a new customer in a CRM or a sales lead that just came through a webinar registration landing page from Hubspot. Videos are created from templates, which define the events and objects to be displayed. For example, the videos you just saw above were created from a template, where, similar to what happens with mail merge, you only need to merge or match the texts to be personalized.

Let’s have a closer look to this kind of personalization with this infographic:

This infographic shows how a video personalization process works - Sezion

How Video Personalization Works – Sezion

The infographic shows how a personalized video is created. Basically, there is data that is merged into media fields (images, audios, videos, texts) to create as many versions of a video as needed using the power of the cloud. Now, let’s see an even closer look using a Hubspot landing page as a reference:

Creating Personalized Videos with Hubspot and Sezion

Creating Personalized Videos using Hubspot and Sezion

In this video personalization example, every time a new lead gets into a list, a new personalized video is automatically created.

At Sezion we offer solutions that combine marketing automation and personalized video to help marketers increase their engagement and accelerate their sales. As marketers we are always obsessed with our numbers. Imagine my surprise when a few days ago the guys at Vitaldent, the world’s largest dental care network, told me that they practically doubled their events attendance ratio among several geographical regions. How? They strategically included personalized videos in their messaging.

The following infographic shows how relevant video personalization is from an advertising perspective:

Infographic: Personalized Video Stats

Discover more facts, infographics and strategies downloading this free ebook: The Power of Customer Segmentation, Marketing Automation and Personalization.

Personalized videos can be integrated on any kind of message and platform. Sometimes you will want to share the video URL or maybe send the sales lead to an attention-driven landing page also powered by other type of content personalization.

It’s really a matter of knowing your audience and its behaviour. For example, including videos in your email marketing messages can deliver great results. There are several ways to include them: from animated gifs linked to the personalized video within a landing page, to the video itself depending on the device where the personalized video will be played. You’ll choose one way or the other depending on your goal:

  • Do you want your sales lead to just watch the video and maybe to answer to the email right away? Then injecting the video in the email may be the best idea.
  • Do you want your sales lead or customer to fill out a web form, buy a product or even to call you? Maybe it’s better to get him out of the email, using a video landing page.

Personalized Videos Are Not Viral Videos in Most Cases

The goal behind every personalized video needs to be supported by a strategy where the personalized videos are included in order to improve specific KPIs. The video you saw above is not a viral video; that won’t usually be your goal. You won’t probably be looking to get 100k views like a viral video gets (also supported by a strategy) on Facebook or YouTube. How about 1 or 2 intended views that end up on an in-video call to action, a phone call or, why not, signing up for a 12 months subscription? Drive the viewer to one specific call to action.

How Important are the Video Views for a Personalized Video?

International waters can be tricky. I’m a fan of the marketing team at Explorius, a company that provides international education to young people all around the world. They’ve been using personalized videos for aprox. a year to engage with some of their customers (students; mostly teenagers).

The personalized videos are automatically created by Sezion every time a local manager needs them, and then are sent to their customers by email. Every video is automatically uploaded to one of their YouTube accounts, with custom metadata for SEO purposes as well. Since they are based in several locations, they use several languages (mostly Nordic).

Infographic: Personalized Videos can be created within any marketing and sales automation workflow - Zapier Integrations for Sezion

Infographic: An integrated strategy that includes personalized messages, and among them video, will drive better results. Integrations platforms like Zapier make easy to automate tasks between several business applications.

From a content marketing perspective, every video shows beautiful images that combine the specific placement where the student has been placed + previous years experiences. Every video is really exciting; imagine the scenario: you are sixteen and will be spending a year in Paris, and these guys are giving you a taste of what you’ll experience during the year. Every personalized video talks about specific places around the world, which represents an opportunity from a video SEO perspective as well.

Even when the videos are meant to be personalized content for specific customers, they also publish the videos on YouTube as public videos. This translates into SEO improvements and lead generation when the metadata is used wisely. I can tell you this… The average amount of video views is 22 and some videos have over 400 views.

Test it Now: Use this Contact Form to Download a free eBook and Automatically Create a Personalized Video:

Fill out the following contact form and you’ll be doing two things: downloading an ebook about customer segmentation, marketing automation and personalization, and also getting a personalized video by email :-)- Try it now!

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Video Landing Pages: The extra mile for personalized videos

Every landing page on earth has one goal. You can bet on it. Landing pages want to get visitors to take action, one single action (Ok, sometimes even more, but that’s for another article). Did you know that landing pages with embedded video increase lead and consumer trust and conversions? I guess it has something to do with the fact that, according to Forbes, 60% of people prefer watching video to reading text.

It’s not a matter of bad or good copywriting, but a matter of being visually stimulated. How sexy can a text get in comparison to a video? Ok. I won’t exaggerate, but I’m sure you get my point. If you have done your homework, videos are attention magnets, but they also need the right environment, and that’s what landing pages are for.

Landing pages with video will help you keep all of your sales lead’s and customer’s attention for you. Use the power of well designed landing page and the power of a highly personalized video to get them to do the one thing you want them to do: request a demo, chat with a sales rep, extend a subscription… you name it.

The following image represents a landing page with a personalized video. Is that simple…:

  1. “Michael” received and email or SMS containing the landing page URL.
  2. “Michael” watches the video.
  3. “Michael” wants to know more about Acme and decides to chat with a support or sales rep without leaving the landing page.
  4. You decide what happens next.

Landing Page for Personalized Videos

This is actually the concept behind our upcoming Sezion Pages: an attention-driven landing page automatically created for every personalized video… Feel free to request a demo :-)

3. Personalized Follow-up Messages

Did you know that only 5% of companies use personalization “extensively”. This low figure translates into one magic word: opportunity. But you may need to hurry up as 94% of companies say that personalization is critical to their success.

Personalized follow-up messages usually are personalized emails. Email marketing still is one of the kings in terms of where we spent most of the time communicating with others, specially in the B2B and Ecommerce industries. Email remains the most used medium to deliver a personalized message (78%) and more than a third of marketers are now personalizing the mobile experience (36%). This is why every inquiry you receive is a possible business opportunity and why personalization goes beyond a “first name”.

Using customer personas will help you create meaningful targeted personalized emails that empower specific call to actions. Customer engagement doesn’t stop just by asking once. Group your sales leads and customers combining several attributes and the actions they take. For example, if you use a lead scoring system, a sales lead that has been active opening some of the articles that you have kindly suggested him to read and that has downloaded a few ebooks, obviously shows more interest than the one that doesn’t even opened your emails.

Customer engagement strategies go on steroids when you can match the same kind of personalized follow-up messages to other type of personalized content. For example, a follow-up personalized email can contain one call to action where your sales leads will find a landing page focused on one specific call to action. Remember it’s always better to focus only on one call to action per message.

Services like Autopilot or ActiveCampaign are big in email marketing personalization. They offer tools to automate several messages (email, sms, etc.) through personalized customer journeys.

Combining a Personalized Follow-up Message with a Personalized Video

On a personal note… I’m about to have my first son (sooo exciting!) and my wife loves organising events. We are both marketers. When she though about creating a Macho Shower instead of a Baby Shower, I saw an opportunity :-). We needed to invite all of our friends in our home town and then also organize what everyone needed to do and bring to the party. An easy way to spread the word? Whatsapp, Telegram, Email and even Facebook. I created a simple Typeform with three questions: “what’s your name?”, “are you coming alone?”, “what’s your mobile number?”.

One or two minutes after filling out the simple form, all of our friends received a SMS containing the basic event info. + a personalized video to thank them and to help them not forget about the Macho Shower. They were blown away.

Zapier process example: creating a personalized video for every form response using Typeform and Sezion and sending the video link by SMS using Beepsend

Zapier helped me automate the full process by combining Typeform and Sezion to create the personalized videos for every form submission and then Sezion and Beepsend to create a short SMS that also included the personalized video URL.

4. Drip Marketing Campaign

A drip marketing campaign refers to pre-written messages sent to people on a list within a period of time. Such messages may use email marketing and some other media form. As soon as you’ve learnt how to make a good one, all the more possibilities for you to generating more leads.

A good drip marketing campaign always starts with a little bit of segmentation. Even if you didn’t know you were doing it, there is always some of it: the topic. At least you know that your new lead is interested in “content marketing” or in “marketing automation” or in “how to create a drip marketing campaign with video”. When segmentation is combined with personalization, you are able to increase interest. That’s one of the keys of a good drip marketing campaign. If you want your lead to keep opening your emails, you need to make sure you are offering value and that your lead feels confortable with your content… and with you.

Infographic: Customer Segmentation

Infographic: Customer Segmentation

Most drip marketing campaign are made to educate your audience and sweeten them up before a trial or, even better, before closing a deal. Platforms like Drip make this really easy, but you can also use almost any email marketing software or create your own drip campaigns with Zapier.

I really liked this case study featuring Ninja Outreach. They use a drip campaign intelligently as the first step for a trial sign up. You know how frequent we sign up for a trial but never end testing the service we have signed up for. By doing this, if the new lead doesn’t use the service and doesn’t convert into a paying client, they actually still have an email where they can educate the lead and potentially get him or here back. Here’s a breakdown of Ninja Outreach’s funnel abandonment campaign:

  • 564 leads entered the Form Abandons follow up email sequence
  • 11.6% of these abandoners came back and finished their trial sign up
  • 65 total recovered users trialling for plans ranging from $29/mo to $249/mo

How Can Personalized Content Be Applied to Drip Marketing Campaigns?

A drip marketing campaign can be powered by any type personalized content. Text is the norm (“Hey Mike”, “I hope the weather gets better in New York”, etc.), but you can also create a serie of online video tutorials that teach how to do “X” or “Y” or add personalized images to help the reader feel identified with the topic you are talking about. Image personalization significantly raises click through rate by 30%.

Image Personalization Example for Drip Marketing Campaigns

You can even use Text To Speech to create an immersive learning experience powered by audio personalization.

The Bottom Line

Isn’t it amazing? When personalization takes place, chances are you get a higher ROI, a better CTR or that you can even accelerate that sales process that needed a little bit of help.

Well, now is your turn. Now that you know the power hidden behind a simple contact form to start a personalization process, how have you used it or how will you take advantage of it?

P.S. If you want to test the waters with personalized videos to increase your conversions, you can start for free now with Sezion or you can even schedule a time slot for a free demo/consultation with me.

P.P.S. Fair warning: if you do schedule a time slot for a free demo/consultation you can expect a personalized video/email within a few seconds (naturally :-p).

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