Developer Problems

A developer in any company, a pro or just starting, will come across those hiccups that make them want to pull their hair out. 

We’ve rounded up some of these questions to create one massive solution to the whole developer-life problems. 

1.What are the common video formats?
We got a blog on video formats and what they’re all about. Or, you can read this little snippet: Common Video Formats

2. What are some video hosting alternatives to YouTube?
We’ve found quite an awesome list of some alternatives you may want to check out. Vimeo vs. Wistia vs. YouTube.

Or you can check out this list.

3. What about HTML5 players, some good ones?
Don’t you worry, we’ve got that list here too. 

4. How do you add subtitles to your video (maybe, even translation, too)?
You can read our blog that we did for Ubertitles, which is nice to use. VerbalizeIt is quality translating. Quality.
Another alternative is DotSub. Alternative two: Amara. Whatever suits your needs. 

5. Need 2-D graphics for your website or your mobile website? We have Skia! 

Integration, tutorials, information.

6. Encoding vs. Transcoding: (other definitions)

Encoding: To convert for storage or transmission, particularly when the new file uses a lower data rate than the original, or a more lossy codec.

Transcode:To convert to a different format of similar or like quality to gain compatibility with another program or application

TransmuxConvert to a different container format without changing the file contents.

9.Wanna build an app?
Ask yourself these questions.
Steps for building an app.

Any other topics that you think need to be covered on this list? I would love to add more!

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