Captioning Made Easy with Ubertitles

Here at Sezion, we are always looking for solutions to improve the video expierence you create.

One way to enhance viewer engagement is to add captions. Captions make your video understandable to a wider range of people such as the hearing impaired. Also on YouTube, viewers can ask Google to automatically translate captions into their own language. This means by adding captions you are reaching out to people all around the globe. Not only does adding captions allow you to reach out to people who cannot hear or understand what you are saying, it also increases every users engagement. Captions allow viewers to read along and given 65% of people are primarily visual learners according to Neik Fleming, captions can greatly increase the customer´s retention of the information presented.

The problem is adding captions to your video can be hard; it involves lots of editing and manually going through every phrase. That is until now.

Ubertitles is a service that automatically adds captions to your video; all you have to do is upload your video and a transcript. If you don´t have a transcript it can still caption your video

To let you know a bit more about the Ubertitles, we decided to interview founder and CEO, Mikel Recondo.


Q: What made you decide to start Ubertitles?

A: Whenever I wanted to caption a video of my basketball team, it took me ages. Captioning tools had a really steep learning curve and they didn’t offer any automation. There had to be a better way! That was when I came across with this amazing automatic captioning technology from Vicomtech-IK4, an applied research center. We partnered up and launched Ubertitles so everyone can caption their videos fast, easily and automatically.

Q: What are the key marketing advantages to captioning a video?

A: Captions improve your SEO and broaden your potential audience. If you dive into the contents of a caption file, you will find a transcript of the video divided into chunks of text, each with two timestamps. This contextual information will improve your SEO, so search engines will rank you higher and you will get more views. Also, captions allow you to reach new audiences, such as the 360 million deaf or hard and hearing people, pedestrians in noisy streets, workers who may not be allowed to switch on their speakers…

Q: With other Video captioning companies out there, what features do you think make Ubertitles stand out?

A: Ubertitles is really fast and easy to use. All you have to do is upload a video and a transcript at our website and we will caption it automatically in a flash. If you do not have a transcript, we will prepare it manually and then produce the captions automatically. The bottom line is that we rid our users of all the fuss so that they can focus on producing great content.