5 tips to add value to customers and clients

5 Tips to add value to your customers / users

Want to continue to stay above the competition, but can´t drop your prices nor dramatically improve your product at the moment? Don´t worry, there is lots of simple things you can do to add value to your customers.

#1 Be Easy to Work With

Customer service goes a long way. People aren´t going to care if you cost a little more if when they have a question or a problem you are willing to help and be patient. You can answer questions or complaints individually or if you get too many or don’t have enough staff you could just make a question and answer video where you answer some of the most common questions. Just showing customers that you care about their issues will go a long way.

#2 Honor Long-term Customers

One way to increase customer retention is to add in benefits for long term customers. Airlines do this through giving miles for flying. Once someone has enough miles they can purchase reduced or free plane tickets. Over time this means that people who fly one company for work will also fly the same company for personal use.

If there are certain spending criteria for receiving an added benefit, then customers who are close to getting the benefit will be encouraged to spend a little more. In the case of United Airlines if you fly 50,000 miles in one year or spend the equivalent of $5,000 on United issued tickets in one year you receive the Premier Gold status. With this status, flyers get to cut lines at check in, relax in the United lounge during layovers, and check more luggage for free. Say if someone is at 4,600 miles,

the prospect of being a Premier Gold member might convince them to by a plane ticket to go visit the relatives they hadn´t seen in a few years.


#3 Don´t Forget Special Occasions

Whether it be a Christmas card or a birthday email, customers will love that you haven’t forgotten the special occasion. In the case of a birthday card, customers know that your card or email is personalized. Your birthday email could be a simple animation or photo that is the same for everyone, but customers will still feel special because it is their birthday. Plus many people either receive birthday gifts or choose to buy one for themself. By giving them a birthday card you are in their mind when they are feeling a little freer with their money.

Birthdays or special occasions are also the perfect time to offer exclusive deals. The clothing store Anthropologie offers 15% one purchase during the month of your birthday if you are part of their Anthro club which is free to join. Personally I know this has convinced me to stop in the store at least a few times.


#4 Make Educational Videos

¨Knowledge is power¨

—Francis Bacon

Knowledge gives your customer the ability to make informed decisions. You might say that you aren´t an expert, but to the average person you are an expert about your field of business. Sharing that knowledge will not only make the customer trust you more, but also make them come to you if they are looking for information. More sight views means more of a chance of sales.

Educational videos are also a marketing tool. Making a marketing video is not as daunting of a task as it seems and can easily be done following these simple steps: How to Make a Marketing Video.

#5 Throw in a Complimentary Product or Service

There is a reason a lot of magazines offer free sample products or a tote bag if you sign up for a subscription. People like services and products that are free.

If you’re a mattress company throw in free delivery and take away of your old mattress. This service will make the whole buying process dramatically easier for the customer. Any free service or product will make the customer think they are getting an added bonus and they should return to you for their next purchase.