4 YouTube alternatives

4 YouTube Alternative HTML5 video players

#1 SublimeVideo

Known for its sleek design, SublimeVideo might be new to the game, but its future is promising. In 2010 SublimeVideo entered the video player game as the world´s first cloud-based HTML5 Video player.

It provides users with 3 different player designs to pick from that work on all platforms and browers. It also provides a integrated lightbox which allows users to show their videos or photos as a floating player. To increase your global reach and increase customer engagement, SublimeVideo allows users to add multi-language subtitles.

This video player also supports HD video and makes it as easy as clicking a button to convert from SD to HD. The base of SublimeVideo and its number one feature is its cloud based technology. This means no downloading or installing as well as no maintenance. SublimeVideo automatically updates and you will always have the latest version of the player.

Sublime Video

#2 Kaltura

If the creators of sites like Wikipedia decided to use Kaltura, there must be something great about it. Kaltura has a variety of features to offer such as automatic video transcoding so your video can be viewed on a variety of devices.


Customization is made easy by Kalturas variety of colors for skins and player templates. It also allows advertisement to be easily integrated into the video. To help evaluate the effect of your ads Kaltura offers statistics on user engagement.

#3 Video JS

Like SublimeVideo, VideoJS provides the user with a fanominal design and a fast player. VideoJS unlike the Kaltura and SublimeVideo is a downloadable player versus a cloud based system.

This means updates need to be made manually, but the features of VideoJS make this worth it. Video JS offers automated cross-browser, cross-device testing to ensure that no matter what device is being used your video will work in.

Newly added plugin API allows developers more freedom in customization. Developers can now access and overwrite any piece of Video.js to create new features. The new default skin also allows users more options with customization, by allowing users to change color and size of icons by simply changing the CSS value. An extra bonus of this player is it is completely free.


#4 JW Player

JW Player is one of the most popular HTML 5 players out there. It is the most popular player on WordPress and with its consistent viewing experience on a range of devices it is no wonder why. It also allows live streaming and DVR, so a viewer could come late to your webinar and still not miss anything.

For feasibility you can add captions to your live broadcasts as well as subtitles to previously posted videos. Video JS also gives the user access to a multitude of data including customer engagement, mapping of where your video is watched the most, and a breakdown of what type of device your video is most likely to be watched on. Jwplayer has partnered with several ad integration systems such as Google IMA to easy the advertising process for the user. The variety of features makes Video JS worth the $149 per year investment more than worth it.

Learn more about what video encoding is.

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  • Manuel Voss

    As sublime video is down, look out for afterglow (https://afterglowplayer.com) as a replacement.

    • http://www.linkedin.com/in/josiasdelaespada Josías De La Espada

      Thanks Manuel! have you used After Glow Player? What are their main advantages? Who’s their main target audience? Thanks for your feedback!

      • Manuel Voss

        Yes, I’ve been using it in several projects. I’d say the main advantage is the simplicity when in comes to integration. It’s a no brainer and gives me the possibility to add a professional player with little effort.

        • http://www.linkedin.com/in/josiasdelaespada Josías De La Espada

          Thanks for the insight!

  • Ciara Elwin

    Yendif Player is best…it has extra ordinary features and supports YouTube flash API, increases the quality of my videos and has inbuild YouTube search engine and Import multiple YouTube videos.
    Ref: https://yendifplayer.com/

  • Bruce Tubbs

    VIDIZMO’s video player is also another great alternative html5 video player. Apart from that, VIDIZMO gives you a comprehensive platform to store, manage and deliver video with efficient transcoding and ability to sell you videos on-demand through their brand-able marketplace. We’ve been using it for a year now and we’ve had virtually no problems. Check them out here!