4 Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Avoiding Guest Author Opportunities

Lots of other blogs create competition, but they also create the opportunity for you to have guest bloggers or for you to do a guest blog.

Every blogger has their own audience and by guest blogging you have the ability to tap into another blogger’s audience and possibly get new followers. Guest blogging not only gives you exposure, but also validates you as a source for other people. The more people who trust you to write for their blog the more of an expert you appear to be.

Allowing others to guest blog for you is also a smart idea. It establishes a relationship where in the future you might be able to guest blog for them. Because most guest bloggers will post something on their blog or site pointing to the blog they are guest writing for, having a guest blogger will help you build links.

Friends and professional connections are usually the best way to start when trying to find a blog to guest write for, but there are also lots of sites such as Huffington Post, Problogger and Lifehacker that are always looking for guest bloggers. You can even just Google ¨guest blog opportunities + your field¨ to find opportunities.

Not Attending Conferences

Conferences are your best friend! They are an opportunity for you to meet other bloggers or people who sell products you talk about and develop relationships with them. Not only could this lead to new viewers who are in your industry, but it can also lead to guest blogging opportunities. Other perks that can come from his is the ability to create package deals for your viewers such as discounts on other sites.

You should also apply for speaking positions at conferences. By being a speaker you get exposure and will establish you as an expert in your field. Speaking at a conference allows you to be known by most without having to individually go up and introduce yourself to everyone and you never know who might be listening to your talk.

We are not saying that everyone at a conference will be able to help you. It is likely that most won’t be able to, but they could know someone who might be able to.

Refusing To Comment On Blogs


Just like guest blogging lets you tap into another blogger´s audience, so does leaving comments on blogs. Not all the readers will read the comments, but a fair amount will.

The readers that do read the comment could be looking for other people´s opinions or just more information. If your blog is about something similar to the topic of the blog even if your opinions are not the same it is still worth your while to comment. You never know who will be looking through the comments and see your link.

Not Using Video


The amount of statistics we could bring up as to why video is essential to your marketing strategy is astounding. Video is important! Why, do you ask?

1. Viewers spend 100% more time on pages with videos on them as stated by MarketingSherpa.

2. 90% say seeing a video about a product is helpful in the decision process according to DigitalSherpas.

3. 51.9% of marketing professionals worldwide cite video as the type of content with the best ROI as reported by eMarketer.

The statistics on how much more effective video is in marketing are convincing, but they aren’t the only reason you should chose video. Video also causes the viewer to feel more connected to you and trust you more because it is closer to human interaction than plain text is. Given that a customer won´t buy from a company they don´t trust, video is a very useful tool.

What’s the hardest thing about video now a days? 

Making one is hard enough, but making several, even thousands? Oh, now that’s rough. But, what about the process of editing and adding music or effects or making a video for each of your products in your ecommerce platform? Ouch. Frustration city, here we come!
Fortunately, that’s why we’re here for you. Sezion can help you do this without all that pain, automatically and fully integrated on your own website or app. If you’re thinking about making a video, check us out, we surely can help! 

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